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Russian News & Information Agency /RIA/: Prime Minister of Montenegro: Association of Serbia and Montenegro does not have a future

Published date: 21.12.2004 16:11 | Author: Intervjui

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MOSCOW, December 19 (RIA Novosti) - The association of Serbia and Montenegro does not have a historical perspective and it is not a perfect solution either for Montenegro, or for Serbia, announced Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"We propose to Serbia to reach an agreement in 2005 on transformation of the association into the Union of two independent and internationally accepted states. We want to proclaim the independence of Montenegro and Serbia; we propose to recognise one another, and if both sides agree, to form a union or two independent countries," Mr. Djukanovic stated.

He believes that "it would be a rational solution, which would allow Serbia and Montenegro to decide their own future.

"In our present situation, sometimes one country becomes a hostage of another. Montenegro is a small country, but we are often forced to share the consequences of the decisions taken by Belgrade, which are against our interests," Milo Djukanovic remarked.

Prime Minister of Montenegro believes in 2005 Montenegro and Serbia must conduct an intensive dialogue and reach a co-ordinated solution. If they fail to do so, the Belgrade Agreement on the creation of the association of two former Yugoslavian republics, Serbia and Montenegro, provides for a referendum, which can be conducted early in 2006.

"Let me reiterate, the referendum will be necessary only in case if both sides fail to reach the agreement. In this case, Montenegro will have the right to conduct the referendum and let people decide in which country they would want to live in the future," concluded Mr. Djukanovic.