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Prime Minister Krivokapić wishes happy Easter

Prime Minister Krivokapić wishes happy Easter
Published date: 01.05.2021 10:45 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić congratulated the Orthodox believers on Easter.

"Every man's life starts from the Palm Sunday, when our Lord entered Jerusalem, and it is especially expressed through Holy Week, when the Lord is betrayed by those closest to him, the others crucify him and if it weren't for all that, then it would be just this dead life of ours. However, later comes the most important, biggest holiday, and that is the Resurrection. With the resurrection we get a new life, and that new life should be a lesson for us, for us to be different, to experience a personal resurrection through Easter and to expect eternal life. Therefore, I congratulate all the believers of the Orthodox Church on this greatest day, which represents peace, tolerance, harmony and contentment. That is why we, the Orthodox, should not only celebrate, but also encourage our friends and neighbours to experience this most important holiday with us as reconciliation process. Christ is Risen - He is Risen Indeed! ”