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Response of the Prime Minister's Office

Response of the Prime Minister
Published date: 12.03.2021 21:30 | Author: PR Service

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Montenegro is tired of the statements by Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) officials, provoking artificial crises and divisions among the citizens of Montenegro. Montenegro wants to forget these statements as soon as possible, because this will lead to reconciliation between people. Instead of quotes from the three-decade kleptocratic rule of the DPS, full of twists and turns, from Greater Serbs to Greater Montenegrins, through Greater Orthodox to atheists, from support for war to anti-war actions. All this is the legacy of the DPS, consistently inconsistent. Instead of quotes, we enclose photos to the media, which testify to the consistency, honesty, and tolerance of the President of Montenegro, who would play the same roles again for a few more years in power.

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