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PM Marković congratulates on Municipality Day: Infrastructure investment makes Nikšić attractive for development of economy

Published date: 18.09.2020 09:30 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated, on behalf of the Government and in his own name, President of the Munisipality Veselin Grbović, President of the Municipal Assembly Radivoje Nikčević, members of the Municipal Assembly and citizens, on the Municipality Day of Nikšić. 

"Even in days of great challenges of coronavirus pandemic, Nikšić shows capability to provide effective health protection and safety for its citizens. We are convinced that the local community, in cooperation with the state institutions, will ensure overcoming the crises with as few consequences as possible," the Prime Minister's congratulatory letter reads. 

As it was added, investments to the city under Trebjesa and its overall social infrastructure, even in the time of the economic crises, will make Nikšić even more attractive for the development of our economy and entrepreneurship, for creating new jobs and a better life for citizens.
"I am convinced that the completion of capital projects, started in the mandate of this Government, will turn Nikšić into locomotive of the development of Montenegrin economy," reads the congratulatory letter of Prime Minister Marković.