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PM Marković congratulates on Tuzi Municipality Day

Published date: 31.08.2020 18:30 | Author: PR Service

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On behalf of the Government and in his own name, Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated President of the Municipality of Tuzi Nik Gjeloshaj, President of the Municipal Assembly Fadil Kajoshaj, members of the Municipal Assembly and the citizens of Tuzi on the Municipality Day.

"By fostering multiethnic and multi-confessional harmony, Tuzi and Malesija have always contributed to preserving the values of European and Euro-Atlantic Montenegro," reads PM Marković's congratulatory letter.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the citizens of Tuzi, together with the municipal management, showed responsibility, determination and knowledge in preserving health as the most valuable resource: "Such a responsible attitude deserves everyone's respect".

Prime Minister Marković is convinced that we will continue, with joint efforts, to create new development opportunities and build a better future for the citizens of Tuzi, and the whole of Montenegro.