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PM Marković put into operation water supply system in Zaton village, in Bijelo Polje: North must be engine of stable, safe, modern and European Montenegro

PM Marković put into operation water supply system in Zaton village, in Bijelo Polje: North must be engine of stable, safe, modern and European Montenegro
Published date: 28.08.2020 19:40 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković ceremonially put into operation earlier today, the water supply to Zaton village in Bijelo Polje, and on that occasion noted that the Government will continue with capital investments in the Northern region, but also with the activities for better life of citizens, and that the North must be an engine of a stable, modern and a European Montenegro. 

"We are really working on large projects in the north of Montenegro and in the whole of Montenegro, in these three years. And Bijelo Polje is at the centre of our strategic development, capital development. But it means nothing to us, if the people on their properties, in their houses suffer and do not have conditions for their basic needs. And a water is a basic need. You in Zaton would not even be happy with the beginning of the cable car operation on Sinjajevina or with the Đalovića Cave and the great potential of Bijelo Polje and Montenegro, if you did not get or do not have water here. As you will not be happy, if we do not arrange every school in Bijelo Polje, if we do not arrange every health facility, if we do not ensure that students have good conditions in classrooms, that citizens have good health care, that we have water everywhere, that our parks are arranged, that the children's playgrounds are arranged for us… So, the capital investments mean little, if we do not provide inhabitants of that area with a comfortable life. The capital investment brings value, money, quality of life must be compensated with our activities on those issues," said the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister emphasised that projects like these, must be continued on the North. 

"With these investments, we must strengthen our investment momentum on the North, we need to interest young people in staying not only for working here, but also for living well. So the North needs to be an engine of a stable, safe, modern, a European Montenegro," said PM Marković gathered with locals. 

The Prime Minister thanked the citizens for togetherness and solidarity.

"It's important that we are together. Neither the Government nor the municipality separately, nor can the Government and the municipality together, if we do not have the support of citizens and understanding. Today, I see unity, strength and solidarity here," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

On behalf of the locals, the Acting President of Local Community Zaton, Marko Dangubić thanked the Prime Minister: "Today, 28 August will remain written in capital letters, as a significant date when one of the decades-old infrastructural issues that generations have dreamed about, has been resolved. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Government of Montenegro, led by Prime Minister Duško Marković, which allocated around EUR 600.000 for the implementation of this capital project. I wholeheartedly thank you," said the President of local community Zaton.

The deadline for completion of complete project of 11 km long water supply network towards Bijelo Polje – based villages, was planned for the last quarter of this year. Within the project, the 92 m long steel bridge, which would carry water pipes, should be built across the Lim. 

In addition to the Prime Minister, the visit to Zaton was attended by Director of the Public Works Administration Rešad Nuhodžić and Mayor at Municipality of Bijelo Polje Petar Smolović