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PM Marković in Cetnje: Elections to hold on 30 August for preserving our Montenegro against same ideology which annulled our country in 1918

PM Marković in Cetnje: Elections to hold on 30 August for preserving our Montenegro against same ideology which annulled our country in 1918
Published date: 26.08.2020 20:45 | Author: PR Service

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Cetinje, Montenegro (26 August 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said earlier afternoon that on 30 August, a decision will be made on the defence of Montenegro, which was attacked by the same national policy that annulled our country in 1918. 

"We have a simple choice on 30 August. We are no longer deciding on the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) or any other party nor of the government which will exercise power on behalf of the citizens, in the next four years. It is just a formalisation, or an administrative procedure, after the votes have been counted. Like in 2006, when every vote was important for us to restore our statehood, on 30 August, every vote is important for the preservation of our statehood, for the defence of Montenegro, because it will be attacked on 30 August. It is being attacked these days by those who did not want it in 2006 and whose ancestors annulled Montenegro in 1918," said the Prime Minister at a meeting with young people in Ivanova Korita.

The Prime Minister mentioned 28 August 2010, when Montenegro experienced huge international affirmation, and eight years later it disappeared from those ones, who we defended in 1916 in Mojkovac. 

They do not have to love Montenegro, but they will have to respect it 

The Prime Minister noted that on 30 August, we have the same political and national ideology as before, a policy and ideology that gives primacy to one nation and one religion.

"That is not possible in Montenegro. That may only happen, if there is no Montenegro. This means that there is no civic, multi-religious, multinational and multicultural Montenegro. It is unstable Montenegro, Montenegro in conflict, poor Montenegro, someone else's Montenegro. And we as citizens will live without ourselves, without our freedom and the right to decide on our destiny," said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Duško Marković said that he believes such a policy will show, on 30 August, the Election Day, all its rudeness and all its civic and political primitivism. 

"But I assure you that institutions have already been prepared, that security institutions know what they are doing and what they are capable of. And that we will harshly respond to that on 30 August. After counting the votes, to note the convincing victory of Montenegro, not of us individually and after that in Montenegro, it will never be the same for them again. They will have to respect it, if they do not love it. The Serbian Orthodox Church and its priests will return to the monasteries and churches. There will be no more of them in political processions. They will not be behind the microphone, where they curse our fathers, our grandfathers, ourselves and our children. This is not being done anywhere in the world, in the 21st century. Unfortunately, this has been done in Montenegro. And we will endure it, until 30 August. After that, it will no longer be tolerated. The Law and the legal order will be equally valid for us, as well as for Amfilohije, Backović and everyone else. We will open the borders for those who curse Montenegro and want to bury it, because they have no foundations here and we will return them to their homes, where they came from. May they arrange their homes, their country in such a way, and they will leave Montenegro to us who love it and who respect it," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Everything we are doing is for free country and youth 

The Prime Minister told that everything that this generation of politicians has done and has been doing is directed towards the future of Montenegro and young people.

"All our efforts in the last thirty years, have been focused on creating conditions for a quality life in Montenegro and on creating an environment in which, together with our differences as values, we will build a better future for each individual, their family and a much better living standard. We decided to break away from the Balkan homelessness, and in 2006 we set out to restore Montenegrin statehood. We knew that the only way to build a better future is on the foundations of a new, modern and European Montenegro, compared to the one we had then. We have permanently placed the country on the European and the Euro-Atlantic path. I believe that this is the greatest achievement of Montenegro, in its recent history. That realisation should be the strongest foundation of our perspective. We thought then, in 2006, that Montenegro would no longer be exposed to the danger of losing its identity and that its freedom would be put into question, without our rights being absolute and equal to the rights of all people on the planet in every developed and free country," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Since 2017 in NATO, in the mandate of the next Government in the EU

The Prime Minister reminded that Montenegro has been a member of NATO since 2017, and that the European Union is the next goal.

"If our political party, and I am quite sure it will, decisively create and influence the composition and priorities of the new Government, Montenegro will be the first next member of the European Union. In the next four years, we will close negotiations with the EU and begin the process of formalizing membership. That is the greatest need for you young people. Not because we will be a member of the EU, but because we will be a part of a single European continent with all the potentials and values that modern Europe has. So, each of us will be free to find himself on any side of the European continent as Montenegrin and European citizen, at any time and for any need. In such a common European space, you will have the opportunity to turn your personal, civic and any other potential into your own good and the good of your family. This generation of politicians will not benefit much from that membership. But you, young people and those who will come after you, will have a unique opportunity to be part of the most developed society and to draw from that potential, every benefit for us and for our country," said the Prime Minister. 

Prime Minister Duško Marković also visited the city stadium under construction, during his working visit to Cetinje.