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PM Marković in Kotor: Full support to municipal management in development and other projects, apartments for health care workers will be built

PM Marković in Kotor: Full support to municipal management in development and other projects, apartments for health care workers will be built
Published date: 25.08.2020 20:00 | Author: PR Service

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In the afternoon in Kotor, Prime Minister Duško Marković gave full support to the local leadership on the continuation of valorisation of tourist resources and realisation of development projects and utility infrastructure, while at the meeting with directors of Kotor's medical institutions he expressed readiness for further technical improvements and housing of health care workers in cooperation with local self-government.

President of the Municipality of Kotor Željko Aprcović presented in detail to the Prime Minister the projects that the local self-government is working on. Among others, it is a grant of EUR 9 million for the works on the sewage system in Perast and Risan, construction of a new pipeline worth more than EUR three million for Muo, Prčanj and Stoliv, taking over Water polo club "Primorac" after 10 years of negotiations, valorisation of the Old Prison by its transformation into an art hub – in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and digitalisation of cinema – in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Film Centre of Montenegro.

PM Marković assessed the work of local self-government in Kotor as very successful, saying that the municipal government, composed mostly of young people, showed that it has a vision and operational capabilities to turn that vision into value for citizens.

"Kotor quickly managed to recover lost ground that occurred during the previous government. The city breathed freely and returned to our fundamental values of common coexistence and anti-fascism. You have shown that significant development projects can be launched in a short time, especially those that have a wider significance for the Montenegrin economy and which correspond to the Government's policies, especially in tourism," said the Prime Minister.

Kotor – Lovćen cable car and Đalovića cave

The meeting analyzed all projects in the city, and the Prime Minister placed special emphasis on the completion of the swimming pool, sports and recreation centre, the issue of wastewater in Perast and Risan and the Kotor – Lovćen cable car project.

"That cable car has been talked about for decades, as well as the Đalovića cave. Pictures were drawn. We started that project in three years. The road has already been opened to traffic there, a visitor centre and a base station are being built. That is how I want the realisation of the cable car project to start and that these two future tourist attractions are connected through a joint offer" – said the Prime Minister.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić, President of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor Jovo Suđić, Vice Presidents of the Municipality Sonja Seferović and Nenad Vukadinović, Chief Administrator of the Municipality Milena Kašćelan, Secretary of the Secretariat for Local Revenues, Budget and Finance Ivo Magud and Director of Utility Company Kotor Milan Popović.

Meeting with doctors discussed further improvement of health care and housing

Prime Minister Duško Marković also talked with the leading people of Kotor's health care about the health care system of Montenegro and especially Kotor.

Director of the General Hospital Davor Kumburović, Director of the Hospital "Vaso Ćuković" in Risan Vlado Popović, Director of the Special Hospital for Psychiatry Peđa Abramović and Director of the Health Centre Igor Kumburović assessed at the meeting that the Montenegrin health system and the state as a whole provided a high-quality response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting discussed various needs of the Kotor health care system. In this regard, the Prime Minister pointed to a significant increase in funds allocated from the budget for health care – an increase of more than EUR 50 million in three years, and that the Government was generous in modernising health care facilities and financing further education of medical staff.

The Prime Minister expressed the Government's readiness, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kotor and medical institutions in the city, to take further steps to improve Kotor's health care system. Furthermore, the meeting discussed concrete solutions for the Government and the Municipality of Kotor to provide housing for health care workers in Kotor through joint investments.

"Our goal is to keep high-quality human resources and enable them to stay in Montenegro," said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the meeting with the heads of Kotor's health institutions.