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PM Marković visits Motorway: 90% of construction works is completed, I expect section to be opened for traffic next year

PM Marković visits Motorway: 90% of construction works is completed, I expect section to be opened for traffic next year
Published date: 22.08.2020 13:46 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković visited earlier today the priority section of Bar – Boljare Motorway, and on that occasion stated that almost 90 percent of the works have been completed, and that he expects the Motorway to be operational next year.

"This is my first outing on the priority section of the motorway, which is being built from Podgorica to Mateševo, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. I may voice great satisfaction over the degree of the preformed work, the dynamics of the work that we have today, the number of workers who are employed on the entire route of the motorway, which today is about 1450 – 1500," said the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister visited first part of the Priority section to the northern entrance in the Klopot tunnel, which is mostly paved.

"We see that the high degree of works completion on the entire route of the Motorway is almost 90 percent, that the level of earthworks is over 90 percent, that all tunnels have been breached and that works on tunnels have been performed at the level of over 95 percent, that the hydro- mechanical installations - plumbing installation are also completed in a percentage between 60 and 70 percent, and that the works on the implementation of annexes 3,4 and 5 - subsequent works that we have defined are progressing very well. The asphalting of the motorway lane is also underway, and to date, 20 kilometers of asphalt have already been installed on the motorway lane. Overall, I believe that the works have gained necessary dynamics and that we will put the motorway into operation next year," said the Prime Minister.

President of the State Commission for revision of technical documentation on the Motorway project, Prof. Dr. Mladen Ulićević expressed special satisfaction over the quality of the works.

"I can say, from the aspect of the profession’s insight into this, that the principle of quality and safety has been respected since the beginning. These are two factors about which there can be no negotiations, i.e. we have taken over the principle of zero tolerance, when it comes to quality," said Professor Ulićević.

The Auditor General of the Motorway emphasised that fact that our country entered such a project later than the certain countries in the region, contributed to the fact that we have higher standards and higher quality now.

"The project itself was done according to the standard prescribed for motorways in Europe, which means that all elements of the motorway, not only construction but also electrical and mechanical installations that directly affect the functionality and traffic safety of the motorway, were done in line with the highest standards, which are applicable in Europe now. We may have been lucky, if I may say so, that the Motorway in Montenegro was one phase late, compared to the motorways in the surrounding. In those ten years, the standards have stepped forward another level, so I can freely say that our Motorway, this Priority section, has been designed and built, which is equally important, according to those highest standards. And that is why we are one small step ahead in terms of quality, compared to the roads built in the region," Professor Mladen Ulićević noted.