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PM Marković in Bar: Projects worth EUR 24.5 million have been implemented in past four years in this municipality, our future focus – tourism, agriculture, Port of Bar and Stari Bar

PM Marković in Bar: Projects worth EUR 24.5 million have been implemented in past four years in this municipality, our future focus – tourism, agriculture, Port of Bar and Stari Bar
Published date: 21.08.2020 19:00 | Author: PR Service

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The Government of Montenegro and the Municipality of Bar have invested EUR 24.5 million in the past four years in projects implemented in this municipality, among which are transport and utility infrastructure – it was noted at the meeting of Prime Minister Duško Marković and municipal management. The Prime Minister said the in the coming period the focus will be on the further development of tourism and agriculture, valorisation of the comparative advantages of the Port of Bar and on the projects in Stari Bar as one of the symbols of our millennium-long existence in this area.

"I used today's visit to Bar to get acquainted with the works on numerous infrastructure projects in this municipality, for which the Government provided about EUR 13 million. I also talked with the municipal management about the possibilities for attracting significant investments, which will provide an opportunity to create new, well-paid jobs. We will work more together in the coming period – the Government and the municipality of Bar, in order to enable all potentials for the development of tourism and agriculture. Despite the coronavirus crisis, we have not stopped investing and developing, and in that sense we must use all the comparative advantages provided by the Port of Bar," said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the end of the visit.

Sutomore – a new town square

The Prime Minister began his working visit to the Municipality of Bar in Sutomore, where alongside President of the Municipality Dušan Raičević and Director of the Public Company Morsko dobro Predrag Jelušić, he officially marked the beginning of works on the new town square and promenade.

The project is worth almost EUR one million (968,383.36), which gives a new dimension to Sutomore, through the valorisation of existing potentials, improving the conditions for a more pleasant stay of locals and tourists, financed by the Government through the Public Works Administration, the Public Company Morsko dobro and Bar Municipality.

Sports hall in Sutomore and water supply towards the settlement of St. Ivan

The Prime Minister visited the adapted sports hall in the Elementary School "Kekec" – a facility in which EUR 30,000 were invested and attended the formal commissioning of the water supply system towards the settlement of St. Ivan, which was completed a month ago.

The project worth EUR 1.1 million provides the residents of this settlement with a regular supply of drinking water for the first time.

The municipal management has prepared future projects

The municipal management informed the Prime Minister about the projects implemented in the past four years: almost 10 km of water supply network, almost 20 km of fecal sewage and 70 km of road network were reconstructed. More than EUR eight million have been invested in the traffic infrastructure alone – said President of the Municipality Dušan Raičević.

The meeting, attended by Vice Presidents Radomir Novaković and Tanja Spičanović, Chief of the Office of the President of Municipality Marija Tošković Kaluđerović, Secretary of Finance Ivana Backović, Secretary of the Secretariat for Economy Sanja Mitrović, Chief Administrator of the Municipality Zoran Radojičić and Secretary of the Secretariat for Property and Representation Vida Dabanović, pointed to the future projects in Bar: valorisation of Dubovica, Čanj, Maljevik, Sutomore and Virpazar, further water supply projects, reconstruction of the coastal zone in Sutomore, use of the potential of the Free Customs Zone of the Port of Bar and reconstruction of the Highway and local roads.

Stari Bar as a symbol of our millennium-long existence

Prime Minister Duško Marković also visited Stari Bar, where he, the President of the Municipality and Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović opened the first Creative Hub in Montenegro.

The facility worth EUR 257 thousand has been converted into a multifunctional space intended for artistic creation.

The Prime Minister said that today a special focus was placed on the Old Town of Bar.

"I consider it especially important that we pay more attention to our cultural and historical heritage; preserving, but also bringing that wealth of Montenegro closer to today's generations. In that respect, Stari Bar is a locality of special significance and value, because it speaks of the millennium-long existence in this area. However, it also speaks of what we consider to be our greatest value, it speaks of a multi-religious harmony that has preserved the coexistence of three religions in this area throughout its turbulent history. Stari Bar is a unique location where new life must be breathed and in that sense I am glad that the Ministry of Culture and municipality are currently carrying out activities to protect and preserve eight cultural assets, including the establishment of the Archaeological Museum and the revitalisation of the Palace where artists will be able to create and share their experiences. Stari Bar brings us back to the topic of preserving our identity, reminds us of our historical existence in this area and as such must be an unavoidable part of our cultural and educational policies. In that sense, my visit to Stari Bar can be understood as a promise that the new Government will be committed to further renewal of this unique cultural and historical entity," said the Prime Minister at the end of his working visit to Bar.