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PM Marković: EUR 1.2 million allocated for hospitals in Berane, Nikšić and Bar for purchase of equipment

PM Marković: EUR 1.2 million allocated for hospitals in Berane, Nikšić and Bar for purchase of equipment
Published date: 17.08.2020 14:28 | Author: PR Service

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For the hospitals in Berane, Nikšić and Bar, which are also regional COVID centres, the Goverment of Montenegro allocated EUR 1.2 million, from the donations of the National Coordinationa Body, for the purchase of equipment and diagnostic devices, said Prime Minister Duško Marković at a meeting with Director of the General Hospital of Nikšić Ilija Ašanin, Director of the General Hospital of Berane Budimir Dabetić and Director of the General Hospital of Bar Dragoslav Tomanović.

"Our health care system has shown exceptional ability, during the corona crisis. Hospitals and health institutions in every city and in every part of Montenegro have passed the exam. Nevertheless, the three regional hospitals that we have established as COVID regional centres - have borne much of the burden. This showed us that additional investments need to be made in these institutions. That is why we have decided to allocate EUR 400.000 each to the hospitals in Berane, Nikšić and Bar for equipment and diagnostic devices," said Prime Minister Marković following a meeting with the directors of the three hospitals.

He added that our citizens deserve a reliable and quality health service and we will provide it for them. 

"So, for these three hospitals, we are allocating EUR 1.2 million from donations of the National Coordination Body, while most of the money, as we announced, will be spent on the construction of a special and purpose-built clinic within the Clinical Centre," said Prime Minister Marković. 

Once again, he thanked each of the more than 5,000 of our citizens, business people and other donors: "They have confirmed that Montenegro is a country of hardworking and solidarity - based people and a country that has friends in every Mediterranean."

The directors of the three general hospitals thanked Prime Minister Marković and the Government for the donation, as well as for their continued support to their hospitals.

Director Ašanin noted that the money would be used for the reconstruction of the Department of Pediatrics, and part of it was earmarked for the purchase of modern equipment that will be used for the needs of the Coronary Unit, the Internal Department of General hospital of Nikšić. He reminded that in the previous 10 years, 90 % of all accommodation capacities were reconstructed in General hospital of Nikšić, which are now of the apartment type.

"We will procure a modern monitoring system with a central unit that will help us provide health services to our patients even better and with better quality. On behalf of the citizens of Nikšić and all employees in General hospital, I would like to thank the Prime Minister for continuing to help the General hospital of Nikšić to be even more modern, to be an institution that will continue to be one of the most important in the health system of Montenegro," said Ašanin and added that investments, in the previous period, were predominantly from the Government's Capital Budget and partly from donations.

Recalling that over EUR 2.5 million have been invested in General hospital of Berane in the previous four years, Director of this institution, Dabetić, specified that the received money will be allocated to purchase magnetic resonance imaging. He pointed out that this would make the Berane hospital a significant diagnostic centre in the north.

Director of General hospital of Bar Tomanović said that EUR 400,000, which will be given to the hospital he manages, will be spent on the purchase of a new scanner.

"The purchase of the latest generation of scanners enables precise, fast diagnostics for oncological, surgical, orthopedic, neurological and cardiac patients. Also, the scope of work in the Clinical Centre of Montenegro will be relieved, and fellow radiologists will be provided with better conditions and safer work," said Tomanović.