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PM Marković: There is no "public officials' campaign", we present our results to citizens and do our job

PM Marković: There is no "public officials
Published date: 13.08.2020 09:00 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković rejected the claims of part of the opposition, analysts and the media that he and the Government were running a "public officials' campaign" and that they were abusing state resources for party purposes. 

"I consider it another unsubstantiated claim, because according to that logic, the Prime Minister and the Government should lock their offices and suspend all activity in the pre-election period! However, life does not stand still and it would be extremely irresponsible towards the citizens and their needs to stop solving everyday problems while the elections are over. The example of the municipality of Budva is illustrative: should we have left hundreds of employees without personal income, just so that someone would not criticise the Government of running a public officials' campaign?" – said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Duško Marković reminds that the Government was formed on the basis of the majority support of the citizens to the programme of the Democratic Party of Socialists, which was presented in the campaign four years ago and was transferred to the four-year work agenda of the Government. 

"There is nothing more logical than, in accordance with our work programme, to present our results to the citizens, to remind them of what we promised and what we fulfilled. And that is, above all, the obligation of the Prime Minister, as the most responsible for the realisation of the Government's programme. I can understand that the political opponents of the Democratic Party of Socialists are bothered by my activity in Montenegrin municipalities, because it is clearly confirmed once again that we have fulfilled and realised our promises from four years ago as much as possible. This is not an abuse of state resources, nor can it be called a public officials' campaign, nor is there any violation of OSCE standards! In short: the Government and the Prime Minister are just doing their job!" – said Prime Minister Duško Marković.