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PM Marković at CGES's Lastva Grbaljska substation: Our energy can provide support in recovery from impact of pandemic

PM Marković at CGES
Published date: 12.08.2020 13:39 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković visited this morning the Lastva Grbaljska substation and said that Montenegro was among the first in Europe to catch up with new trends in energy and that thanks to that our energy is ready to take on the role of one of the strongest bearers of economic recovery from the consequences of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister said that he was especially looking forward to coming to Lastva Grbaljska: "Here in front of us is one of the most picturesque examples of our modern development. This facility is the heart of the new Montenegrin energy and the most beautiful picture of the new Montenegro. This is exactly the vision of our development we had when we decided to renew our state independence and take the decisions about the future into our own hands. That is why I think it is important to occasionally stand in front of concrete results. Here they are obvious – both technically and financially. Montenegro has become: an energy hub of Southeast Europe, a link between the Balkan and Apennine peninsulas and a regional leader in the integration of renewable energy sources. By consistent work, without excessive pomp and self-promotion, we have completed what we started earlier, materialising the efforts of this and previous governments. But at the same time, we have been actively adapting to the modern development concept, opening space for even faster growth. We were among the first in Europe to catch up with new trends in energy. Without a cent of financial incentives, using the benefits of technological progress, today we are working on the realisation of solar and wind power plants throughout Montenegro. With full respect for the argumentation of the general public, we treat the issue of environmental protection with special sensitivity. With this approach, we breathed new life into the project of building the hydroelectric power plant Komarnica. Green energy and sustainable development are our permanent commitment" – said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister reminded of the capitally important decisions of his Government, which did not allow to postpone investments to a later time: We mutually terminated the strategic partnership in the electric power industry and independently started the largest investment cycle in its recent history. We have encouraged the long-awaited intensive revitalisation of the electricity distribution system, determined to give every Montenegrin home a European quality of energy supply. We have incorporated the thermal energy complex in Pljevlja and thus permanently stabilised it. We acted decisively and took responsibility, certain that the messages of the critics were merely politicking. The results of our activities, but also the silence of our opponents on these topics in the midst of the pre-election campaign, clearly confirm that," said the Prime Minister.

Speaking about the Lastva Grbaljska substation, Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the Montenegrin electric power supply system is especially important: "A successful strategic partnership with one of the largest energy companies in Europe sends a strong message – when the goal is clear and the benefit is mutual, the presence of foreign investor is a very desirable factor of modernisation and development. That is why today, in a facility built with the best available techniques, worth EUR 35 million, we are also witnessing that our people are capable of meeting deadlines, that compromises with the valuable and limited space of our coast are possible; that the challenges of difficult terrain are solvable; and that goals must be set ambitiously. There is no justifiable reason to doubt the ability of our companies and our people. With determination in crucial moments, dedicated work and responsible approach, the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System (CGES) used its chance and opened the European door to the entire Montenegrin energy sector. All this in just over a decade of the existence of CGES" – said PM Marković.

The Prime Minister said that this result proves the potential and obliges to its full use. "For the benefit of the Montenegrin economy and raising the living standard of all our citizens to the level of the Western world, to which we aspire, the world to which we have already established, in terms of energy, let me use your terminology, direct connection" – said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić also paid a visit to the Lastva Grbaljska substation.