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PM Marković in Bijelo Polje: I am satisfied with what has been done in this municipality, in next mandate we will complete Đalovića Cave and Cmiljača

PM Marković in Bijelo Polje: I am satisfied with what has been done in this municipality, in next mandate we will complete Đalovića Cave and Cmiljača
Published date: 05.08.2020 16:22 | Author: PR Service

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Bijelo Polje, Montenegro (5 August 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković opened earlier today a new road from Bistrica to Podvrh - the future base station of the cable car for Đalovića Cave, and on that occasion expressed satisfaction with what has been done in this mandate of the Government, noting that in the next four years the goal is to complete the strategic and all of the already started projects. 

"I remember saying that Bijelo Polje deserves to be the regional centre of the North of Montenegro. Today, with what we have done and what we see that every resident of Bijelo Polje may see with the naked eye, it clearly follows that Bijelo Polje is really becoming the regional centre of the North of Montenegro. Two capital tourist projects are currently being implemented here - the ski resort on Cmiljača and the Đalovića Cave. Only a few minutes ago, we put into operation the 5.5 km road to Đalovića cave, we saw that the works on the installation of the cable car are being successfully carried out, the works on the reconstruction of the road from Bistrica to the Main road have continued. In these three and a half years, the Public Works Administration has concluded contracts worth EUR 56 million in Bijelo Polje, and EUR 32 million have been spent until today. Then we said that we would try to renovate the factory of mineral water Bijela Rada in Bijelo Polje. Many were skeptical then, but today we see that the factory is in full operation and that with the Bijelo Polje brand it serves both, the domestic and wider regional market with mineral water," said the Prime Minister.

Valorization of Đalovića Cave

The Prime Minister began his working visit to Bijelo Polje, attending the ceremonial commissioning of a new road from Bistrica to Podvrh, where it is located the base station of the future cable car for the Đalovića Cave. The 5.7 km long road worth EUR 4.2 million was implemented by the Public Works Administration. 

Activities have also begun on the construction of a 9 km long road from the Main road to Bistrica, in a worth of EUR five million. Other contents related to the future tourist attraction of Đalovića Cave - visitoring centre, transformer station, transmission line, etc. are being made or have already been made.

The Prime Minister also visited the works on the bridge over Bistrica, for which he laid the foundation stone on 14 June.

The total value of concluded contracts on the valorization of Đalovića Cave is EUR 23.020.473, 34, of which EUR 9.457.224, 90 have been implemented so far.


Works on the new school "Dušan Korać" are progressing well 

Prime Minister Duško Marković also visited the works on the Elementary School and the School for Music Education "Dušan Korać," the construction of which began a year and a half ago. The new school building with an area of 8,000 m2 will be built on the vacant part of the location of the existing Primary School and it is intended for 1,200 students. The facility, whose construction costs about EUR 5.4 million, will contain 20 general-purpose classrooms, six special-purpose cabinets, all-day premises, a library and the hall for physical education with accompanying facilities, administrative and other premises.

"In terms of communal and social infrastructure, we have done a lot not only through the Government and directorates, but also through the capital budget of the Municipality. We are currently facing one of the largest construction sites, when it comes to primary education facilities in Montenegro - the works on this facility are in the final phase. I hope, as the contractor told me, that they can be completed by the end of this year and that 1,200 students from Bijelo Polje and from this area will have very comfortable and good conditions for acquiring primary education. What we are doing in Bijelo Polje is not only an incentive for the local economy and the people who do business here, but also for reputable foreign investors. Only a few days ago, we received confirmation that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will issue technical conditions for the construction of a new hotel with a shopping centre, worth over EUR seven million, which is being implemented by a foreign and domestic investor," said the Prime Minister.

This is only the first phase of the development path of Bijelo Polje

Prime Minister Duško Marković and Mayor of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović agree that the announced projects were implemented, as well as that this is only the first phase.

"I believe that everyone in Bijelo Polje can be satisfied today, with what we have done. And this is just one phase of the development path of Bijelo Polje. In the next four years, we want to complete the ski resort on Cmiljača, so it can receive its first guests, we want to complete the Đalovića Cave project so that it receives guests and, of course, to continue with all the projects that we started here. I am very pleased with what I saw today in Bijelo Polje. Offer for young people, for new jobs, for new opportunities. Life in Bijelo Polje will be much better than it has been so far," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Mayor of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović thanked the Government for its support to Bijelo Polje and the North region.

"Full support to this Government to continue the mandate and to complete everything that we promised the citizens. This is not politics, but real life. Every day we solve the problems of citizens, repair the infrastructure, create conditions for new investments and as you can see, these investments are recognized by foreign investors, this joint effort of the Government and local self-government is recognized and it already gives concrete results. Full support to this Government to finish in the next mandate, everything we promised to the citizens and to slowly start reaping the benefits when these projects become operational. And their ultimate goal is employment, income, tourism - as it was promised by the Government's strategic concept of development of the North," said Mayor of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović. 

In addition to the Prime Minister, Director of the Public Works Administration Rešad Nuhodžić also paid a working visit to Bijelo Polje.