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PM Marković in Mojkovac: Pandemic has not stopped development and investments here, our strategy is to make people of Mojkovac happy to live and work here

PM Marković in Mojkovac: Pandemic has not stopped development and investments here, our strategy is to make people of Mojkovac happy to live and work here
Published date: 29.07.2020 19:20 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković solemnly marked earlier today, the beginning of works on the base station of the coming Žarski Ski Centre- one of the ski resorts of the future Winter Tourist Complex Bjelasica - and visited several construction sites in the city, after which he assessed that even the coronavirus pandemic could not stop the development and investments in this city.

"I visited all current construction sites. I can state that the work is in full swing in Mojkovac, that the unprecedented global health and economic crisis has not stopped investments in Mojkovac and has not stopped the development of Mojkovac. I want to tell the citizens of Mojkovac that we are currently spending EUR 60 million to the capital and communal infrastructure. The most important project is, of course, the Žarski Ski Resort, where this morning we made official the works on the base station, a representative facility that will welcome tourists from all over the world," said the Prime Minister. 

Future Žarski ski centre - 14 hotels with 7,000 beds

The location of the Žarski mountain centre is elaborated in detail by the Spatial Plan of special purpose Bjelasica and Komovi and the Detailed elaboration of the locality Žarski, according to which the Base settlement of the mountain centre consists of a parking zone at the entrance to the base settlement, a zone with facilities of the central settlement with hotels, apartments, public contents, zone and surfaces for the starting point of ski lifts. Squares, green areas, as well as sports fields (skating rink, etc.) are planned within the landscaping issues.

In the base settlement, about 7,000 beds are planned in 14 hotels and apartments, of which 3,629 beds are planned in the very centre of the settlement. According to the plan, Žarski Ski Centre should serve about 8,000 skiers.

The process of valorization of this area began in 2014. So far, EUR 6.282,964 have been invested in the Žarski project (99.6% in the mandate of this Government), of which EUR 2.254,693 have been invested this year. A total of EUR 17.5 million of investments and works on this Ski Centre, have been contracted. 

A six-seater cable car is planned for the Žarski Ski Centre, for which a contract worth EUR 8.990,700 has already been signed. A contract based on the principle of "design and build" was signed for the construction of about 9.5 km of ski trails, in the worth of EUR 1.899,700.

Road to Žarski, transfer station, footbridge…

Prime Minister Duško Marković also visited the route of the road Mojkovac - Vragodo - which is part of the route to the future ski resort and the regional road Jezerine - Lubnica.

The section Vragodo - Žarski is 5.3 km long. The first phase of works has been completed on a 2.3 km long section, for which more than a EUR one million have already been spent on road penetration and construction of embankments, culverts and reinforced concrete walls. Works on the construction of retaining walls, worth almost another EUR one million, have been contracted.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the construction of this road, saying that people will come directly from Mojkovac to the ski resort, but at the same time, they may visit Kolašin and Berane.

"I also visited the works on the transfer station, worth over EUR two million. It is an important communal infrastructure facility that will give, the already arranged and beautiful Mojkovac, a new strong incentive for Mojkovac to be one of the cleanest mountain towns in the North of Montenegro. I also looked at the works on the walkway with complete facilities, parks, a children's playground, a trim track, which will start working these days. This facility is one of the most beautiful communal facilities that I have had the opportunity to see not only in Montenegro and the region, but also beyond," said the Prime Minister.

Business zone and Tourist info centre - places for new initiatives 

Prime Minister Duško Marković completed his working visit to Mojkovac, with a visit to the Business Zone and the Tourist Point, saying that these are places where new initiatives of interest to the municipality, will be launched.

The municipality of Mojkovac will be one of the most beautiful places to live in the next two years. Therefore, we in the municipality of Mojkovac are not fighting for hundreds of jobs that will happen in the next two years, but that those who work in Mojkovac like to work in Mojkovac, to enjoy working in Mojkovac, to be happy because they live in Mojkovac. That is the strategy of our policy. With today's insight into the works I have visited, I am quite sure that this will happen in the next two years. And of course not only in Mojkovac… The perspective of Mojkovac is certain. I am encouraged that the people of Mojkovac understand and follow this. Today's presence of people showed that we have a common strength and motive to revive Mojkovac and make it a better place for living, in order for the local economy to flourish here and thus contribute to the development and growth of the Montenegrin economy and contribute to a better life of citizens," Prime Minister Duško Marković concluded at the end of a working visit to Mojkovac. 

In addition to the Prime Minister, the visit to Mojkovac was attended by Director of the Public Works Administration Rešad Nuhodžić and Director of the Transport Administration Savo Parača