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PM Marković and Mayor Vuković lay foundation stone: Podgorica gets another footbridge

PM Marković and Mayor Vuković lay foundation stone: Podgorica gets another footbridge
Published date: 15.07.2020 12:55 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (15 July 2020) -- Next year, Podgorica will get another pedestrian bridge worth almost EUR 2 million, for which the cornerstone was laid earlier today by Prime Minister Duško Marković and Mayor of the Capital City Ivan Vuković. The bridge will be 125 meters long, 6.4 meters wide, will have two bicycle paths and will be adapted for people with disabilities. The pedestrian bridge will be used for the transfer of hydraulic installations and it is part of the Wastewater Treatment System project.

"This is not just a big project on improving the communal infrastructure in Podgorica, this is a development project. It will strengthen the overall development potential of Podgorica and provide a much better and more comfortable life for the citizens of Podgorica, it will preserve our natural environment, such as the Morača River and the Skadar Lake," said Prime Minister Marković, and added that he was informed that works on the construction of a collector worth over EUR 50 million, are going great. 

The Prime Minister thanked the Mayor and his team for everything they are doing in Podgorica these days and a couple of years ago. He congratulated them not as a state official, but as a resident of the Capital City.

"Podgorica is changing with incredible speed. Podgorica is becoming a modern European city. Every day, a new street is repaired or completed, green areas and parks are arranged," said Prime Minister Marković.

Noting that the construction of the bridge in this challenging time is a feat, Mayor Vuković said that the bridge is important not only as a valuable infrastructure project, but also as part of the wastewater treatment system that is being successfully built in Podgorica. He expressed the expectation that the company Bemax, which is building this bridge, will complete the works before the expiration of the deadline of 14-month period.

"Podgorica is the locomotive of the economic development of Montenegro and that is why it is so important that the development of the Capital City is not slowed down at any moment. On the contrary. I think that in spite of all this we have witnessed in recent months, we have managed to intensify this development. Numerous data reported about that - we can say that by pointing out the fact that this is the third bridge, which is being built on the territory of the Capital City after the one on Smokovac and the one on the route of the future southwest motorway," Mayor Vuković pointed out.

He reminded that only in the last few weeks, they started the construction of a boulevard worth EUR 25 million, announced tenders for the construction of four new boulevards, a kindergarten in Block VI and of this bridge today.

Mayor Vuković expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister and the Government for supporting the development needs of the Capital City: "Despite numerous challenges and demands from different parts of our country, we have never felt neglected in that sense."