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PM Marković marks start of construction of boulevard from Podgorica to Danilovgrad: Project worth EUR 24 million

PM Marković marks start of construction of boulevard from Podgorica to Danilovgrad: Project worth EUR 24 million
Published date: 06.07.2020 13:30 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković, Director of the Transport Administration Savo Parača, Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković and President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad Zorica Kovačević marked the beginning of works on the construction of the boulevard from Podgorica to Danilovgrad. The value of the construction of the 15-kilometer-long boulevard is EUR 24 million, and the deadline for construction is two years. The contractor is Podgorica-based company Bemaks.

"This project represents a new quality for the citizens of Podgorica and Danilovgrad. Not only will people travel comfortably, but at the same time the entire Bjelopavlići plain will come to life, and this road will give a boost to the local economy," said PM Marković, adding that the boulevard was designed to the highest standards, taking into account environmental protection.

The Prime Minister said that this boulevard will bring Danilovgrad and Nikšić closer to the airport and the coast.

"With this investment and with many others that are underway and those that will begin these days, Montenegro continues a strong investment cycle, I would say at the right time. During the global economic and health crisis, only development and investment can solve difficult economic problems that arose due to that crisis," said PM Marković.

He added that in this way, the country is developing, but also preserving jobs, opening opportunities for new jobs, providing security, salaries, pensions and social security.

Director of the Transport Administration specified that the future boulevard, from Komanski most to Danilovgrad, will have four lanes, large wide dividing islands, sidewalks at the exit from the cities, and that the entire route will have modern lighting.

The Mayor of Podgorica expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of this project, which will mean a lot for both the Capital City and Montenegro, and will also mean a better perspective for development on this route.

The President of the Danilovgrad municipality said that another promise was fulfilled and that with the construction of this road, Danilovgrad will get new investors, a better quality of life, and employ as many people as possible.

Large infrastructure projects throughout Montenegro

The Director of the Transport Administration, as well as the heads of Podgorica and Danilovgrad, thanked Prime Minister Marković and the Government for their continuous support for development.

Parača said that the EBRD is financing the construction of two more important projects: "Construction of a beautiful road from Rožaje to the border with Serbia in the length of 20 kilometers and construction of a boulevard from Jaz to Tivat, which will be 16 kilometers long."

Mayor Vuković said that the Capital City plans implementation of other road construction projects, while the President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad said that in the coming days another road reconstruction will beging, worth EUR three million. She also reminded that the old road from Podgorica to Danilovgrad was being reconstructed.

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