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PM Marković meets with Ambassador Orav

PM Marković meets with Ambassador Orav
Published date: 25.06.2020 19:52 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković spoke today with Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro Aivo Orav about the current situation and the riots in Budva and several Montenegrin municipalities.

The Prime Minister condemned the attacks on members of the Police Directorate as a direct attempt to undermine democratic values and endanger the peace and security of our citizens. Recalling that the reaction of the competent authorities to such behaviour is a constitutional duty and obligation of the police, he underlined that, as always, all possible cases of exceeding police powers will be urgently investigated and adequately sanctioned.

PM Marković once again emphasised the Government's openness to political dialogue and agreement ahead of the upcoming parliamentary and local elections, which should take place in the institutions of the system and not on the street.

"Montenegrin institutions are capable of responding to all challenges in an adequate and legal manner, in accordance with the principles of democracy and the rule of law. As a leader in the EU integration process, Montenegro respects European values and standards, and regardless of such and similar challenges, it will continue with its pro-European and reform policy, as a responsible partner of the EU," the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister concluded that it is in the best interest of Montenegro and all its citizens that these elections are conducted in a fair, peaceful and democratic manner, and that the Government will do everything within its competence to contribute to such an environment.

Ambassador Orav expressed concern about growing tensions in Budva and their consequences in other municipalities. He called on all political actors to calm tensions and to effectively investigate the potential disproportionate use of force by the police.

The Head of the EU Delegation also reminded of the call of Brussels for all political actors to show restraint and respect for the rule of law, as well as to refrain from unilateral actions and decisions.

Ambassador Orav emphasised the importance of creating an atmosphere that enables honest political dialogue, as well as the peaceful and orderly conduct of the upcoming parliamentary and local elections.