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PM Marković: Third package of economic measures to decrease import dependence; Democrats and DF are responsible for situation in Budva

PM Marković: Third package of economic measures to decrease import dependence; Democrats and DF are responsible for situation in Budva
Published date: 24.06.2020 18:01 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (24 June 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković emphasised that the adoption of the third package of economic measures is expected shortly after the adoption of the budget rebalance in the Parliament, perhaps in late June, and that it will be aimed at decreasing the import dependency of our country.

"The third package of measures will not basically have a social aspect and subsidies, but the provision of funds for liquidity and current assets. Therefore, to both, the tourist economy, but also to other economy. And of course, it will contain measures for investments and development, i.e., the launch of production in those areas where we are import-dependent," said the Prime Minister, answering journalists' questions following the Prime Minister's Questions.

He specified that it relates to agriculture, industry, construction, stone and ore processing. In addition to measures on decreasing import dependence, this package of measures will also include projects, which will reduce the impact on finance and the economy in the event of a crisis in tourism.

Asked to comment on tourism, Prime Minister Marković said he was not optimistic, because the situation, in relation to the virus, gets complicated. 

"It means that the tourist economy cannot have high expectations," said Prime Minister Marković, emphasizing that we will particularly focus on preserving the substance of the tourist economy. 

Noting that subsidies for tourism and catering have been approved for June as well, the Prime Minister said that tourists are not interested in traveling, although Montenegro has open borders with 133 countries. 

When asked about the current situation in Budva, Prime Minister Marković said that this does not indicate that the state is weak, but tolerant. He assessed that the Democrats and the Democratic Front (DF) are responsible for the situation in Budva, because they do not want to hand over power in a democratic manner to the majority that has been formed.

"The state is currently giving a chance to reason in Budva, and if it is not there, the state will solve the matter in 15 minutes," said Prime Minister Marković, adding that a political violence seemed to be there. 

He pointed out that the decision on changing the government in Budva, was not a decision of the Democratic Party of Socialist (DPS), but that a new majority of councillors had been formed and that the parliament members, who gave the majority to the Democrats and the Democratic Front, were simply not satisfied with them and wanted to relieve the government.

"When they gave the majority to the Democrats and the DF, everything seemed normal. When those same parliament members give the majority to the DPS, then it is corruption and then it is illegal. And then you want to keep power by force. It means, if they were in power at the local and state level - they would never leave it again. I believe they would suggest changing the laws and that there will be no elections. For it is enough, that they are in power. Therefore, the law must be the same for everyone," said Prime Minister Marković. 

He criticized the attitude of communal workers, firefighters and unauthorized citizens in Budva, towards the parliament members of the new majority, whom they harassed and expelled.

"When they entered there, they brought in communal workers, firefighters, unauthorized citizens ... That would be fine and now the problem is that the current government is asking for the assistance of the police to ensure their normal work," said Prime Minister Marković and highlighted that the laws of this state apply to Budva.

He said that the new local self - government had to ascertain, whether something from the municipal premises had been alienated, and whether the documentation had been preserved: "The local self - government decides on that, the President of the state and the Prime Minister do not decide."