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PM Marković at PMQs: Government consistently advocates for full affirmation of minorities, it is constant task and privilege of our society

PM Marković at PMQs: Government consistently advocates for full affirmation of minorities, it is constant task and privilege of our society
Published date: 24.06.2020 15:31 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (24 June 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said during the Prime Minister's Question that the Government is consistently committed to the full affirmation of minorities, that institutions are the guarantor of enjoyment of minority rights affirmed in the Constitution and laws, and that visible progress has been made in the development and adoption of a modern legislative and institutional system for the exercise, protection and promotion of the rights of minorities and other minority national communities, and that there are increases in allocations for minorities.

"Society is strong, as much as there is a strong link between all its parts and values. That is the ideal, which every democratic and prosperous community strives for. Starting from the same basis, to support each other regardless of differences, we have restored state independence and preserved the centuries-old harmony of different nations and religions living in our country. In turn, this does not liberate us, but obliges us to strengthen the link between multiculturalism and multi – confessionalism, because by building unbreakable ties between all peoples in this area, we have resisted every trouble and every storm", said the Prime Minister, answering the question from the Caucus of the Bosniak Party, the coalition "Shqiptaret te vendosur - Albanians Decisively" - Forca, DUA and AA and the Croatian Civil Initiative. 

"The Law on the Selection, Use and Public Display of National Symbols, which regulates this important issue according to the needs of all citizens living in Montenegro, was adopted by the end of 2019. Functional independence should have been strengthened by the financial capacity and potential of institutions dealing with the affirmation of minority peoples, which we did. Therefore, the budget of Montenegro allocates at least 0.15% of the current budget for the functioning of the Fund, and only in the mandate of this Government to finance projects, the Fund has allocated almost EUR 4 million, while in the current year more than EUR one million have been allocated to support projects. Also, budget funds, which have doubled since 2018 compared to the previous period, were provided for the functioning and implementation of the programme contents of the Albanian, Bosniak, Muslim, Croat, Serbian and Roma councils, and in total amounts to EUR 600,000 or EUR 100,000 per each minority council on an annual basis. In addition, a budget of around EUR 300,000 per year is allocated for the work of the Centre for Preservation and Development of Minority Culture, and its task is to promote and protect minority rights, encourage the preservation, development and expression of minority culture. It should be noted that in the last three years, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights in five priority areas has allocated over EUR 3.5 million for NGO projects, of which more than EUR one million for the improvement, protection and promotion of minority rights. Last but not least - in this mandate, the Government also passed the Minority Policy Strategy 2019-2023, as a document which defines measures for further improvement of the position of minorities in Montenegro," said the Prime Minister.

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