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PM Marković at PMQs: Some salaries in state-owned companies are indecently high for the circumstances in which we live, I will insist on respecting the law

PM Marković at PMQs: Some salaries in state-owned companies are indecently high for the circumstances in which we live, I will insist on respecting the law
Published date: 24.06.2020 15:07 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the Prime Minister's Questions that he believes that certain salaries of managers in companies owned mostly by the state are indecently high for the circumstances in which we live and that he will insist that the law should be equal for all and that company managers prepare acts on salaries of employees in accordance with the Law on Salaries of Employees in the Public Sector. 

"On the other hand, I cannot allow isolated cases to be a benchmark for the entire system, as you want to present it, and to ignore the fact that a significant number of companies are managed in a way that can serve as an example," said the Prime Minister during the Prime Minister's Questions answering the questions of the MP Club of the Social Democratic Party. 

Answering questions about the tax burden on labour, the Prime Minister said that the Government is continuously showing readiness to reduce the tax burden on labour. "In 2019 only, the Government proposed significant changes in tax regulations that prove this claim," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

"Namely, at the end of 2019, the so-called "crisis rates" of personal income tax, and personal income in Montenegro is taxed at one of the lowest rates in Europe of 9%. We even think or I think it should be lower. And that even part of the reduction in income tax rates should go to reinvestment. Also, during 2019, the rate of health insurance contributions paid by the employer were reduced by 2 percentage points, and, among other things, the share of taxes and contributions in the gross amount was reduced to about 39%," said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Duško Marković said that he cannot allow himself just to comment, but that he had to make decisions on which economic life in Montenegro depends.

"Both in terms of tax policies and in terms of pension rights, the Government is closely cooperating with domestic and foreign partners, so that the proposed solutions are in line with international standards and sustainable in the long run. In order not to reach for populist solutions (that is the easiest) but to look for the ones that will give the best results with the minimal negative effects. What I also want to emphasise is that there is almost no day in the Government that we do not have a discussion with employers' associations and trade unions. We in the Government are neither blind nor deaf to the demands of the business community as you try to present it. The situation with the coronavirus also showed that. Everyone could see how the Government supported the part of the economy that felt the consequences most directly. And again, in that respect, we communicate on a daily basis and jointly look for models for faster economic recovery. Only in this way – if we work, and not if we just talk about it, we can contribute to raising the living standard and a better quality of life," the Prime Minister said.