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PM Marković in Cetinje: Foundation stone laid for residential building for cultural workers, investment worth EUR 2.5 million

PM Marković in Cetinje: Foundation stone laid for residential building for cultural workers, investment worth EUR 2.5 million
Published date: 17.06.2020 15:25 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović, Mayor of Cetinje Aleksandar Kašćelan and President of the Cultural Workers' Union Željko Kalezić laid the foundation stone for the construction of a residential building in Cetinje for the needs of cultural workers. 

This is the first residential building for cultural workers, the worth of the investment is over EUR 2.5 million, and the home will be provided for 65 families.

"I am happy about that fact, a number of employees and their families will be happy, but what is more important – today we agreed to continue supporting that policy, to sign agreements with the Cultural Workers' Union to support the construction of apartments not only in Cetinje, but in Podgorica and other places. I believe that we will make that agreement in the coming days," said Prime Minister Marković after laying the foundation stone and paying visit to the Ministry of Culture. 

Minister Bogdanović said that by joint action of the Government of Montenegro, the Cultural Workers' Union and the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, today we are turning a new page in the social chapter of our country. He specified that the apartments will be for the employees of the National Museum, the Central Library, the Centre for Conservation and Archaeology, the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Zetski dom and the Library Njegoš.

Mayor Kašćelan said that there was no doubt whether the Old Royal Capital would support the project. He added that this, as well as other projects implemented in Cetinje, has a strong development component, whose goal is a local community tailored for citizens, which is open, modern, promising and prosperous. He also announced the beginning of the construction of a building for social housing, which will have about 30 apartments.

Minister Bogdanović thanked Prime Minister Marković for his strong and continuous support, but also for his understanding when it comes to the cultural scene of Montenegro and the improvement of our cultural policies.

Noting that he had a constructive meeting at the Ministry of Culture, Prime Minister Marković said that issues related to Montenegrin culture were discussed, the Montenegrin culture of strengthening identity, strengthening the identity of Montenegro and the overall cultural content in Montenegro.

The Prime Minister said that he had the opportunity to see the first and important results when it comes to the creative industry and the contemporary cultural expression that has and will have a strong economic dimension.

"Montenegro is a country that has a developed cultural and overall spiritual heritage," said the Prime Minister.

He added that the focus of the talks was on preserving our special values, which are under UNESCO protection, and expressed his belief that this would be beneficial not only to the state and local communities, but also to every citizen. He added that he believes that in the future it will contribute to significant economic and any other valorisation and thus to the overall development of the country and the quality of life of each individual.