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PM Marković: Science and Technology Park will bring together scientists and researchers, but also companies

PM Marković: Science and Technology Park will bring together scientists and researchers, but also companies
Published date: 16.06.2020 12:31 | Author: PR Service

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The Science and Technology Park, an investment worth EUR 12 million, will have the task of generating the necessary energy and being a gathering place for scientists and researchers, but also technology-oriented companies with the potential for rapid growth and performance, offering new solutions for new times, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković.

At the ceremony on the occasion of the beginning of works on the construction of the Science and Technology Park, Prime Minister Marković welcomed the decision of the University of Montenegro, in partnership with the Ministry of Science, to implement this valuable investment, which will encourage its competitiveness.

The Prime Minister emphasised the Government's commitment to invest more generously and decisively in development and prosperity, even in the most challenging times: "There is no waiting and hesitation. Nor will we economise on projects like this."

Where the observer sees negligence, he added, it is our duty to express responsibility and create conditions for new value.

"We did the same in the Cultural Centre in Pljevlja, the University Centre in Berane and other facilities that have not been put to use for a long time," said PM Marković.

Noting that global changes and scientific and technological development do not allow inertia, the Prime Minister said that in Montenegro, scientific and intellectual potential lies especially in young people, and that we must provide educated and talented people with everything to realise their professional potential.

Referring to the latest challenging global developments, the Prime Minister said that during the recent rebalance, the budget of the Ministry of Science was largely preserved, in a way that ensures that all programmes of support for scientific research and innovative activities are fully implemented.

"I remind you that, thanks to these activities, 170 young people have secured jobs so far, of which 40 are doctoral students, while this year the number of supported doctoral students will be increased to 50, and funds in the amount of EUR 2.3 million have been provided," said the Prime Minister and pointed out that the new legal framework for innovation and technological development will enable a major step towards creating a favourable environment for innovation in Montenegro.

"Young, innovative companies and startups will have the opportunity to finance their ideas, increase employment and increase export activity," said Prime Minister Marković.

Minister of Science Sanja Damjanović said that this is not just another facility, but the centre and driver of a new force for our economy, from which we expect a quick return on this investment. Thanking the Prime Minister and the Government for their support to the investment of EUR eight million, Minister Damjanović also thanked the company Telekom for providing significant support in equipping the Science and Technology Park and the future development of its services, worth EUR 1.5 million, both financial and equipment support.

"We expect that this place will be interesting for other donors, but also for investors," said the Minister and praised the great cooperation they have with the innovative and IT community.

Rector of the University of Montenegro Danilo Nikolić said that they expect from the Science and Technology Park to encourage scientific research, stimulate innovative thinking, transfer knowledge and technology, strengthen entrepreneurial capacity and interdisciplinary cooperation, as well as successful commercialisation of the results of their work. 

“The park is located within the campus of technical faculties of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica, providing proactive access to the best highly educated staff and symbolically connecting the scientific and research sector, business sector, public institutions and the local community, all with the aim of creating a stimulating environment for innovation and entrepreneurship activities, which will result in strengthening the competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy," said Rector Nikolić.
Executive Director of the Science and Technology Park Velibor Bošković said that the Science and Technology Park was conceived as a central unit of the national innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"This place will be home to all innovative companies and individuals who base their business on knowledge, innovation and the latest technologies. A special segment of our activities will be focused on supporting the development of startup companies that have a high potential for growth and export of their products and services," said Bošković.

Executive Director of Crnogorski Telekom Dina Tsybulskaya said that the company recognised the intention of the Government to create conditions and space in Montenegro for the development of innovations and new technologies.

"Since we share the same mission and vision of the future with the Science and Technology Park, the goal of this partnership is to attract human resources and capital to innovation activities, in order to increase the competitiveness of the domestic economy. As one of the largest technology companies in the country and part of the corporation that is the international technology leader – Deutsche Telekom Group – we will offer future users and tenants of the Science and Technology Park various types of support, and together we will build and develop innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for which Montenegro has potential," said the Director of Crnogorski Telekom.

The building of the future Science and Technology Park is designed in accordance with the most modern architectural, functional and technological standards. On a gross area of over 14,000 square meters, all the necessary facilities are foreseen that will provide individuals, teams and companies with the opportunity to develop, test and commercialise their entrepreneurial ideas.