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Ministry of Interior presents new personal documents: Montenegro introduces services to citizens in step with advanced societies

Ministry of Interior presents new personal documents: Montenegro introduces services to citizens in step with advanced societies
Published date: 08.06.2020 17:55 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (8 June 2020) -- Montenegro has decisively started a new phase in development with the introduction of new third-generation personal documents, said Minister of the Interior Melvudin Nuhodžić at the presentation of the new personal documents.

Prime Minister Duško Marković, handed over earlier today in the Villa Gorica, new personal documents to prominent individuals who, through their engagement made an important contribution to the successful fight of Montenegro against the epidemic of the novel coronavirus.

Minister Nuhodžić emphasised that young women and men, turning 18 in June, will receive their first personal documents free of charge.

"The Government and the Ministry of the Interior also think of young people. Young women and men, who turn 18 years old on Independence Day - 21 May and the Statehood Day – 13 July, will receive free documents this year and in the future," Minister Nuhodžić pointed out.

As he emphasised, Montenegro has decisively started a new phase in development with introducing the third generation personal documents.

"We in the Ministry of the Interior have also worked diligently on technological development in the daily functioning and performance of the tasks entrusted to us," Minister Nuhodžić stated.

He noted that Montenegro keeps pace with the world in terms of digitalisation and follows advanced societies, which are role models in those areas.

"We have used our potentials to implement the digital transformation of our content. This shows once again that we are at the service of citizens, who have a reliable service in us, but also a partner who is constantly improving and following the latest achievements. We hereby establish the trust of citizens and provide them with more efficient functioning in many areas, and linking with those services, which will be simpler, more accessible and certainly more modern from now on," Minister Nuhodžić noted. 

All this, as he said, means a more comfortable approach and reduction of costs. "We are proud to belong to the very top of the countries, which have made a step forward in this area," Minister Nuhodžić pointed out.

He highlighted that the new personal documents are also a confirmation of the state identity and reputation in the international framework. "Following our trends was not our guide, but the long-term interest of the citizens of Montenegro," stated Minister Nuhodžić.

According to him, this achievement not only achieves better quality networking, but also a significantly better security. The new ID card, as he said, is not only a document, but also a mean of more rational access to numerous services.

"Unthinkable until yesterday, these results encourage us to continue working diligently, in order to adopt modern international practices," Minister Nuhodžić said. He stated that the digital transformation is happening within the overall transformation and Europeanisation of Montenegro. "What will be an obligation for all EU member states as early as tomorrow, is the present of Montenegro today," Minister Nuhodžić pointed out.

He added that from now on, an administrative, institutional, economic, public and private connections and the individual, as the foundation of society, will be more developed and in a more functional relationship. "I am sure that our citizens proudly followed the events in which, regarding the seriousness of its approach and the results achieved, Montenegro was and it is now at the top of the global fight against a dangerous pandemic" Minister Nuhodžić stressed.

He reminded that Montenegrin society showed its best side during the pandemic. "Harmony and trust. Courage and knowledge. Unity and solidarity," Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić concluded.

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