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Ceremonial presentation of new personal documents on Monday, Prime Minister to hand over documents to individuals who have distinguished themselves in coronavirus epidemic

Published date: 07.06.2020 18:00 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (7 June 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković will solemnly hand over, on Monday, 8 June, new personal documents to prominent individuals who, through their engagement, have made an important contribution to Montenegro's successful fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The new documents will be presented to the public, at a ceremony organised by the Ministry of the Interior in Villa "Gorica," starting at 14:30. For this occasion, the Ministry selected the most prominent representatives of the health system, education, the Police Directorate, the Armed Forces of Montenegro, the Air Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, the Sanitary Inspection, communal services and others, to whom the Prime Minister will hand over new personal documents.

Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro will provide the media with photos of the event, which will be directly broadcasted live by Television of Montenegro. 

Journalists and cameramen who have annual accreditation issued by the Government of Montenegro can enter Villa "Gorica" by using the accreditation card, along with an ID document. Journalists and cameramen who have no annual accreditation must seek, in a timely manner, the issuance of the daily accreditation from the Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro. The request signed by an authorized person and stamped, needs to be sent via email: