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PM Marković: Citizens feel benefits of Montenegro's membership in NATO

PM Marković: Citizens feel benefits of Montenegro
Published date: 06.06.2020 09:45 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (6 June 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković noted, congratulating the citizens on the third anniversary of our country's membership in NATO, that the alliance of Montenegro with 29 countries ensured the safety of our country.

"In addition to security, our citizens already feel benefits of foreign investments and growth in tourism and the economy. Furthermore, Montenegro has proved to be a responsible ally that appreciates the benefits of the Alliance, contributes to common goals and rightly bears the epithet of a reliable member. Therefore, we are entering the fourth year of membership, as a state that is counted on in preserving peace and democracy, as the fundamental values of today," Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.