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PM Marković: Budget rebalance to be aimed at rationalisation of costs

PM Marković: Budget rebalance to be aimed at rationalisation of costs
Published date: 27.05.2020 19:50 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (27 May 2020) -- The budget rebalance, which is expected by the end of May or the beginning of June, will be aimed at rationalisation of costs, while the saved money must be allocated for providing salaries, pensions, social security and of course, investments and development, Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.

He said, answering journalists' questions, after the Prime Minister's Questions, that we would cut costs wherever we could, not symbolically but essentially: "In order to preserve our public finances, their stability for the virus is weakening, the epidemic is subsiding but the economic crisis that will be painful for both, the Government and the citizens, is coming. We have to tackle that challenge in the best possible way, and saving money is one of those ways."

Asked if he was afraid that the project of economic citizenship could be endangered, Prime Minister Marković emphasised that everything is endangered, when it comes to the economy. The programme of economic citizenship, in spite of everything, is ongoing and there are several applications but also projects, such as hotels in Kolašin, which have started to be built under this programme. He also specified that about 10 passports are ready, after the complete procedure has been passed and the necessary approvals have been obtained.

Commenting on the fact that subsidies could not be given to enterprises, which are not on the White List, the Prime Minister said that, regardless of the fact that there is a crisis, we cannot give subsidies to those who do not fulfil their obligations to the state, and that means to employees as well: "There is no compromise over that." 

He reminded that subsidies are given to companies, which hire new workers in the full amount of the minimum wage and taxes and contributions, which is a line provided bearing in mind that a number of companies have unregistered workers. 

The Prime Minister also answered the question regarding the failure to shed light on the murder of  editor-in-chief of "Dan" daily, Duško Jovanović. Prime Minister Marković said that as a representative, he must bear responsibility due to the fact that case was not fully detected.

"Anyway, there is responsibility, not personal but functional and systemic. And we will strive for doing everything we can to shed light on the case," said the Prime Minister and reminded that within the Alliance for Europe, in talks with the representatives of "Dan" daily, it was agreed to ask for expert police and prosecutorial assistance from the most developed countries.

Asked when he will come to the negotiating table with the representatives of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, the Prime Minister said that the negotiating expert teams will come to the table and that his stance is to do it, as soon as possible. The Prime Minister said that he received a letter from Metropolitan Amfilohije on that issue and that he talked to him on the phone last week.

"I said that we should continue the talks, but we should carry them out in a good atmosphere and trust. Talks cannot be conducted on the principle of blackmail," said Prime Minister Marković, adding that the withdrawal of the Law on Freedom of Religion is not a topic for discussion.