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PM Marković at PMQs: Freedom House Report relies heavily on interpretations by local analysts

PM Marković at PMQs: Freedom House Report relies heavily on interpretations by local analysts
Published date: 27.05.2020 15:00 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said today at the Prime Minister's Questions that the Government is carefully analyzing all assessments from international addresses, and has acted in the same way with the recent Freedom House Report, although these are predominantly interpretations by local analysts.

"In this particular case, we cannot agree with the given assessments, nor do we consider them to be a reflection of the consensus of international addresses. In reports that predominantly rely on the assessments and interpretations by local analysts, there is always the possibility of inaccurately established or unspecified facts, and thus erroneous conclusions. Also, in such reports, numerical models are applied that lower or raise a country by 1/10 on a scale for several places. Despite all that, we in the Government do not underestimate any assessment or report, nor do we ignore the problems that have been pointed out. Given the analysis of that report, and then your views and explanations, I am convinced that the language of truth, objectivity and law must remain the only relevant one. Both on the soil of our country and in communication with our international partners. What is an indisputable fact is that this Government is fully committed to the continuation of reforms and progress on the path to European integration, and the preservation of stability and economic prosperity, as evidenced by the results achieved throughout the [Government's] mandate"- said the Prime Minister in response to a question from the MP Group of the Social Democratic Party.

The Prime Minister said that it was not the manner of his Government to turn its back on problems and challenges, but to try to find the best solution in an open conversation, as it has done so far.

"Precisely given the commitment to listen to advice and adopt guidelines, being aware of possible abuses and constant playing politics, we decided to be the first country to make all types of European Commission reports publicly available. We did not do it because we are afraid, but because we assessed that it was smart. Our society should be aware of systemic shortcomings, and to approach solving current problems together. The rule of law is not a one-time obligation to be fulfilled, or enforced when required by short-term interests. It is a system of values that is constantly demonstrated and constantly developed, so that the whole society can develop on its foundations. And we show the rule of law and democratic potential in all other issues, regardless of whether it is about freedom of religion, the European agenda or the preparation of elections. Starting from the essential goals and interests of citizens and the state, we have initiated a dialogue within the Alliance for Europe Initiative, in order to contribute to social cohesion and strengthening democracy, "said the Prime Minister.