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PM Marković at PMQs: More than EUR 8 million donated for fight against coronavirus, contribution was not only material

PM Marković at PMQs: More than EUR 8 million donated for fight against coronavirus, contribution was not only material
Published date: 27.05.2020 14:16 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the Prime Minister's Questions that in the past two and a half months, more than five thousand individuals and companies have donated money for fight against coronavirus, and that since 19 March until this morning at 09:00 more than EUR 8 million have been paid on the account of the National Coordination Body.

Answering the question by the MP Group of the Democratic Front about how much money was donated by the President of Montenegro, the Prime Minister said that we do not know the names and addresses of many donors and that the contribution to our joint struggle was not only material.

"The citizens of Montenegro responded to the moment and the challenge in many other ways. None of them conditioned that contribution with personal promotion or individual gratitude, so the names of some were left without media affirmation. But they were not left without our gratitude and memory. So, a large number of citizens opted for anonymous support. For example, over 50% of donors who sent help through the portal, did not want to put their names at the forefront. Because they put Montenegro and its good at the forefront! In a word: everyone helped, as much as they could or as much as they thought they should. It was ours to use the help for its intended purposes on behalf of those who provided the help, and on behalf of the citizens we represent. We have done so, and assistance will be directed to the health sector and the long-term needs of strengthening medical capacity, primarily to build the necessary clinics. Therefore - aimed at citizens and preserving their health. And finally, MP Knežević, I believe that you, as a humanist above all, and a great connoisseur of the language - know the meaning of the word donation. It is above all a personal act! Therefore, it does not occur to me to ask you, for example, how much money you donated for our country's fight against coronavirus. How much did your family or relatives donate? Or any MP in this hall, or anyone else in Montenegro and abroad - it really does not occur to me to ask if and how much money anyone donated. That would really go beyond politeness and manners," said the Prime Minister. He added that all donors "have the same name and surname: humane people, and people with a big heart."