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PM Marković pays working visit to Nikšić: We did not stop any project during coronavirus epidemic, Nikšić is confirmation that Montenegro develops successfully

PM Marković pays working visit to Nikšić: We did not stop any project during coronavirus epidemic, Nikšić is confirmation that Montenegro develops successfully
Published date: 21.05.2020 17:55 | Author: PR Service

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Nikšić, Montenegro (21 May 2020) -- Paying a working visit to the municipality of Nikšič earlier today, Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out, while visiting several projects that have been completed or are being implemented, that no project was stopped in Montenegro during the coronavirus epidemic, but that the state continued to develop without restrictions.

"During the crises of coronavirus, when we were focused on preserving the health and lives of our citizens, we made an extraordinary effort all together - the Government, local self - governments, the people who head them, not to stop any project from Rožaje to Herceg Novi, nor one investment. Not only these investments are underway, but we have entered into tenders and the selection of contractors for new projects. So, Montenegro is developing, there are no restrictions for Montenegro. I would like to send a message to the citizens that although we are surprised by this crisis, which has locked the economy of the entire world, we will not give up in Montenegro, all pensioners, all employees, all beneficiaries of social benefits will regularly receive their benefits, pensions and salaries - in education, health, in the Armed Forces of Montenegro, the Police and we will strive to preserve every job in this period with our support programs and subsidies at the same time. We have only 900 people who have lost their jobs, due to this crisis and vulnerable activities. We have created a programme of subsidies for new employments and we already see about a hundred new employees under that programme. We expect a new effect of support at the level of the minimum wage and 100% taxes and contributions for each new employee, after six months. If this line gives effects, it will not last only six months. The Government is ready to extend it for the next six months," the Prime Minister pointed out.

Road towards Vilusi is up to the highest European standards

Expressing satisfaction with the visit to Nikšić exactly on the Independence Day, the Prime Minister emphasized, following the visit of the reconstructed section of the main road Nikšić - Ilino brdo, the section Trubjela - Vilusi, in a length of 18.5 km and worth of EUR 9.986.000, that the project proves our development potentials and capacities. 

"Today, it has a special symbolism that on Independence Day, we show that we are developing Montenegro, that we are raising it economically, that in such a way we are creating conditions for a better life for our citizens, that we are opening up to the neighbourhood, region and Europe. So, there are several reasons for satisfaction today with my stay in Nikšić," said the Prime Minister, congratulating the Transport Administration and the Nikšić - based company "Mehanizacija i programat," that performed the works.

Prime Minister Duško Marković also mentioned the project of the road Cetinje - Nikšić via Čevo, for which a contractor was selected last week. 

"As far as I understood according to the project, it will be one of the best regional roads, which will not only bring Nikšić closer to Cetinje, but also to the Montenegrin coast." At the same time, in a month, we will start works on the boulevard Komanski most - Danilovgrad, which will bring Nikšić closer not only to Podgorica and the Coast, but also to the Podgorica airport," said the Prime Minister. 

Mayor of the Municipality of Nikšić Veselin Grbović stressed that the development of road infrastructure, reconstruction and construction of roads from Nikšić to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with projects towards Podgorica and existing road communications to Žabljak and Boka, make Nikšić a traffic hub and thus significantly improve development opportunities.

Government will finance continuation of the road to Župa

The Prime Minister also visited the road to Župa Nikšićka, whose reconstruction is underway.

"Here, the municipality of Nikšić implements the reconstruction of the road towards Župa, with a total length of about 6 km. Two kilometres have been completed, 4 km are being worked on. I want to say that the rest of the way is the responsibility of the Government. Today, I confirm that we will finance that reconstruction. The preparation of technical documentation is in progress," Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.

Satisfaction with the work and vision of the Nikšić local self - government

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the work and vision of the local self-government in Nikšić, headed by Municipality Mayor Veselin Grbović.

"I am very pleased by what is happening with the House of Revolution in Nikšić. I would like to congratulate you Mayor. The House of Revolution, which was an issue not only for Nikšić, but also for Montenegro, is today becoming a cult place in the city centre, which will not only be an opportunity for new activities, but also for new jobs for young people and thus a source of income for many families in Nikšić. … I am satisfied with what is being done in Nikšić and with the vision of Nikšić's development. People of Nikšić, Župljani, I would like to congratulate you on the Independence Day, may Montenegro be eternal. There will be no obstacle for us to be like that," said Prime Minister Duško Marković, during his visit to Nikšić. 

Parača: 220-250 km of roads planned for this year 

Director of the Transport Administration Savo Parača, expressed satisfaction that the Prime Minister visited, on the Independence Day, the new section of the road that was reconstructed in line with the highest European standards. 

"On this day, the Transport Administration is working on projects in 18 Montenegrin municipalities. We are present in almost all municipalities, we work tens and tens of kilometres of the main and regional network. We plan 220-250 km of roads to be completed or to be in operation in this year. It has not been worked on Montenegrin roads for a long time, as it is done today. I would like the state to adopt European standards, as we win them in road construction, "said the director of the Transport Administration.