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PM Marković addresses public: Montenegro is exposed to brutal attack, Government will perform its constitutional duty and defend national interests

PM Marković addresses public: Montenegro is exposed to brutal attack, Government will perform its constitutional duty and defend national interests
Published date: 14.05.2020 17:00 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković assessed that in the past two days in several of our cities there were mass violations of health orders and measures, that Montenegro was exposed to a brutal attack that could have unforeseeable consequences for the health of citizens and that the Government will perform its constitutional duty and defend national interests.

"In the previous two days, there were mass violations of health orders and measures prescribed by the competent authorities for the suppression of the coronavirus epidemic in several of our cities. Everything we have achieved in three months of dedicated work and joint sacrifices is now in question. We are afraid that in ten days we could find ourselves again in the same situation we were in two months ago, with great danger and consequences for the health and lives of all of you. There is no reasonable explanation, no justification, for this behaviour and its actors! Several police members, protecting law, order and peace, were attacked and injured by extremists," the Prime Minister said in a public address.

Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the background of everything that happened in our cities last night and the night before was the alleged religious need of a number of believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, which invited citizens to public gatherings even though they are banned in the interest of public health.

"And not only in our country, but in all countries that protect the health of their population from coronavirus. We are witnessing another gross political destruction directed against the state, its institutions. We are witnessing behaviour that endangers public health, all under the guise of defending religious rights and freedoms. We are also witnessing ruthless calls from some MPs to violate health measures, regardless of the fact that your lives are being endangered. All this is happening at a time of unprecedented health and economic crisis, at a time when the state is facing many challenges to preserve the most valuable – people and their health," said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that we are also witnessing threats from political parties that they will block the state and life in it.

"It would not be the first time for them, nor would it be the first time for institutions to protect and defend the constitutional order, peace and security of citizens and the state from such attacks," said Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković.

The Prime Minister reminded that the Government respects both the right and the need to practice religion and celebrate religious holidays, and that this was confirmed by the decision of the National Coordination Body.

"We complied with everything agreed in the direct conversation I had with Metropolitan Amfilohije, on his initiative, and provided 3,000 protective masks for believers – showing understanding, but also care for the health of believers and the clergy. We have fulfilled our obligation from that agreement, both professional and human. And because of the given word, but also because of the specific nature of religious freedoms and the desire to manifest them on the feast day of St. Basil of Ostrog," said the Prime Minister.

PM Marković said that we should jointly think of all other citizens - and their needs, and limited rights and freedoms for the protection of lives and health of all of us.

"How many of our citizens hasn't gone into emergency surgeries, treatments and examinations in health centers in the country or abroad; How many have not visited their parents, their children or grandchildren, sick or helpless members of their families; How many of our young people and their families have canceled weddings and other festivities, and birth ceremonies; How many of our citizens have buried their loved ones without a traditional funeral and farewell; How many towns, settlements and villages, and the people in them, have been quarantined and isolated from the world? Do these people have their needs and their freedom, equal to the one that the church and the believers give themselves within their needs," said the Prime Minister.

PM Marković said that during the epidemic in our country, we registered new examples of heroism every day, realising that ideological and national differences have never been less, that the attitude of political parties and other factors of public life is responsible and patriotic.

"Why didn't the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro persist in that? Why yesterday and the day before yesterday, its interest was opposed to the interest of the citizens, and coincided with some other interests"- said the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, the Government - the Prime Minister added - has shown that the lives and health of the population are its primary interest. And that the material security of every citizen and his family is also our concern and obligation.

"In a word: we have put all our potential, professional and financial, and all institutions without exception - in the interest of health care of citizens, their material security and their civic dignity. No difference or division on any basis, with measures equal for everyone! That is why today and every day the law must be the same for everyone. We are obliged to serve our country, not someone else's. We defend our dignity and our national interests and we will not subordinate them to others. It is the obligation of every state authority and every law enforcement institution. That is the constitutional duty of the Government that we will perform. Montenegro does not have to be loved, but it must be respected! Therefore, it is necessary for us to continue to be responsible, to return to jobs and our estates - in order to create for our families and the state in an unprecedented economic crisis. I hope this can be in the common interest of both the church and its believers. May eternal be Montenegro!"- concluded Prime Minister Duško Marković in his address to the public.