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PM Marković at PMQs: Government shall take care of its employees

PM Marković at PMQs: Government shall take care of its employees
Published date: 29.04.2020 16:33 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković told MP Neđeljko Rudović from the SNP-DEMOS, during the Prime Minister's Question, that he recalls that he does not see addressing housing needs as a privilege but as a need, and considers that the Government shall take care of its employees and its highly skilled human.

"A number of people from public administration or a significant number of people from public administration and institutions, who found themselves in the decisions of the Commission for housing issues, these days have been in the forefront of defending the health and life of our citizens i.e. preserving the every aspect of public interest in the days of the coronavirus epidemic. In contrast, as you know, there are those around us who hide under the quilt, record the minuses and wait for the danger to pass, so they impose the philosophy of the county denunciators from the stories of Radoje Domanović," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

"I will recall you that a list of officials, who resolved housing issues on favourable terms in the 41st term of the Government i.e. for whose work I am responsible, was published just a few days after our discussion here in the Parliament. Also, I instructed the Deputy Prime Minister for Political System, Interior and Foreign Policy - to form a Working Group for reconsideration of the legal framework, which addresses the housing needs of officials, civil servants and state employees. He did so by forming a multi-sector working group that included, among others, representatives of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, because from that address also there was a lot of interest in this topic, as well as interest in participating in the re-arrangement of the existing normative framework. During our previous conversation in the Parliament, I also said that I would appreciate any well-meaning suggestion, regarding changing the criteria for the allocation of apartments under more favourable conditions. I didn't get it from you. And I was expecting it, a well-meaning one. So, in this dialogue of ours, only you have done nothing about it! And as an MP, you could. You seem to have had a better things to do on some other issues, not to say campaigns," the Prime Minister said.

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