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PM Marković at PMQs: DF's proposal is example of ignorance, superficiality and vulgar demagogy, Government's package of measures is worth millions

PM Marković at PMQs: DF
Published date: 29.04.2020 15:09 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković told the Democratic Front during the Prime Minister's Questions that the Government's proposal for economic measures is worth millions of euros and that the Democratic Front cannot deny all that is good just to prove its thesis that the government in Montenegro is working against its citizens or that the Government is incompetent.

"You are denied by the results we have achieved. You are also denied by all the ratings from credible addresses, domestic and international. You are also denied by public opinion polls that show almost 100% support for the actions of the National Coordination Body and the Government I represent," the Prime Minister said at the Prime Minister's Questions, answering a question from MP Andrija Mandić from the Democratic Front.

Prime Minister Duško Markovic said that he is proud that we have preserved the lives of our citizens to the fullest extent possible and that he is pleased that it is possible for MPs and Government representatives to gather today.

The Prime Minister noted that the Government's measures are defined to provide the necessary level of support, i.e. to enable a more efficient recovery of the economy at the end of the crisis, but also not to jeopardise the stability of the country.

PM Marković said that the proposal of measures presented by the Democratic Front is "an example of superficiality, and perhaps of political demagogy".

"You said that the Democratic Front's law provides several times higher financial support to citizens than my Office has allocated. To be perfectly clear – the Democratic Front's law provides almost nothing! It is an example of superficiality and perhaps political demagogy. The Government's package of measures, on the other hand, provides multi-million-euro support to the economy and vulnerable citizens, just what you have talked about or what you have been aiming for. This support is realistic and achievable based on what our economic indicators are," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Marković said that there are no identical countries, no identical economies, and therefore there can be no same or similar economic models and that it is not wise to copy ideas from others. 

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