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PM Marković: Montenegro manages coronavirus situation, but hardest is yet to come, it takes iron discipline of each of us

PM Marković: Montenegro manages coronavirus situation, but hardest is yet to come, it takes iron discipline of each of us
Published date: 29.03.2020 16:50 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (29 March 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković has informed citizens of Montenegro that our country has managed the coronavirus situation so far thanks to the efforts and complex action and sacrifice, but that the hardest days are yet to come, and therefore required the iron discipline and compliance with the orders and recommendations of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases.

"The latest data of the Institute for Public Health warns and we have already reached a high number of close to 90 confirmed cases. Although Montenegro is currently managing the situation, it is clear that the greatest challenges are yet to come. In the weeks ahead - we have to act even more decisively, even better and even more strongly. Institutions work highly committed and organised, the health system prepares for a crucial battle to preserve the health and lives of our citizens. But all of this will not be enough unless we continue to respect, without exception, the orders and recommendations of the National Coordination Body and provide the iron discipline of each of us," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Duško Marković emphasised that we would treat the infected, but that we must stop the epidemic, for which the responsibility of the citizens is essential.

"The events in Tuzi, regarding the rapid and progressive transmission of the virus from only one initially infected, confirmed the justification of decisions on the necessity of isolation and quarantine. I will take this opportunity to welcome once again, the readiness of the citizens of Tuzi to follow the decisions of the state authorities. There are 620 thousand inhabitants in Montenegro. We want more of us, not less, and that is why the Government will consistently ensure that all orders and measures are implemented without undermining the right to a healthy life and the future of our citizens. Our chances to tackle the Coronavirus and to come out of a global pandemic with as few consequences equally depend on you, as it does on the healthcare system and its equipment. Therefore, no arbitration about what we can and cannot do, and whether customs and traditions, being either secular or religious, are above the right to life and health of the nation," PM Marković noted.

The Prime Minister said that yesterday's delivery of 3.5 tonnes of donated medical equipment was an encouraging event and that further assistance is expected in the coming days.

"A special delivery of equipment worth EUR 2 million, which was ordered and paid by our state, arrives on 2 April. In parallel, the European Union supported Montenegro with EUR 3 million in direct assistance for urgent purchase of medical equipment. So, we no more concerning about whether we have or will have enough equipment for our health system, but also for all other services that are daily exposed at risks and dangers. In addition, our country shows another great virtue. Solidarity is what made today's Montenegro recognisable. This is best evidenced by the amount of around EUR 5 million paid to date by citizens, domestic and foreign companies, associations, municipalities, donor agencies and our diaspora. We are all grateful to them for their support," the Prime Minister said in his address to the citizens of Montenegro.

Prime Minister Duško Marković particularly addressed the employers, urging them to keep employees.

"All the economies in the world are endangered without exception, even ours, but the state has the strength and potential, financial and institutional to provide protection and security to every citizen and his family. The Government is working on a new package of support for citizens and the economy. That is why I have a message for all employers: Refrain from laying off workers, save our employees. Keeping an employee, we safeguard the person as the most valuable resource," the Prime Minister stated.

I register numerous fears and even dissatisfactions, I understand them - said the Prime Minister, adding that this was not a time for complaints but for work and diligence, which proved to be effective and successful in the challenging days and weeks behind us.

"Of course, as in any time, there are those who, from the observation deck beyond real problems, are adding minuses. I'll tell you - this is not the moment for them. And we will not pay attention to them, because it is time for work and commitment," PM Marković said.

The Prime Minister pointed to those who have carried the brunt of this time: State authorities, institutions and institutions function in a united, never better and more efficient way. Thank you to everyone who is on the front line of defence against the invisible enemy: our doctors and healthcare professionals; the state administration; the police and the military; security services; inspection bodies; local and municipal services; employees of trade and pharmacies; members of the Red Cross; postal workers and volunteers. And today, especially to educators who successfully implement distance learning. This is the best example of having the potential and capacity to do what we have never done," Prime Minister Duško Marković said.

In his closing remarks, the Prime Minister said that almost the whole world, even the expert public, appreciates of how small Montenegro has reacted and how it resists this global threat.

"We succeed only because we have united, because our individual and professional potential was given the opportunity, because empathy is the only policy that matters now. This is a time for all our values, for a simple man, sacrificed and hardworking. A man who works for his own good and the good of his country. Let us continue strongly and in unity for the health and life of our loved ones, to the complete victory. May Montenegro be eternal," concluded Prime Minister Duško Marković in his address to the public.