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PM Marković: We take measures to protect citizens, there will be no forgiveness for non-compliance with rules

PM Marković: We take measures to protect citizens, there will be no forgiveness for non-compliance with rules
Published date: 22.03.2020 16:25 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković has informed citizens that in five days since the coronavirus outbreak in Montenegro the number of infected people has increased ten times, that from now on there will be no forgiveness for non-compliance with rules, measures and orders, that numerous measures have been taken to provide the highest possible protection of citizens, and that the list of persons in self-isolation is disclosed because the right to health and life is above the right to unconditional protection of personal data.

"Over the past two months, the National Coordination Body has taken the most comprehensive measures to limit and reduce the risk of an epidemic in countering this threat. We believe that these decisions have yielded results so far. Furthermore, the government measures I announced 3 days ago only make sense if we keep the number of patients under absolute control. The situation that Montenegro is in today, causes irreparable consequences for our economy, our budget, and what is especially painful - it causes consequences for each of you, that is, in every family. I am aware that the restrictions we have introduced pose a long-term threat to the economy and quality of life, and that in the first weeks and months of resistance to the epidemic, they may also resemble the poverty that we, as a state, have left behind not so long ago. But we have taken that risk to save human lives, to preserve each of you, so that we can as healthy and united people recover our economy," PM Marković said in his address to the nation.

He added that this was just the beginning of our fight with the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister estimated that every day we witness new heroes of humanity; recognise that ideological, national and all other differences are not that important, and that they will not be an obstacle to our unity in this situation; that political parties and other actors in public life show responsible and patriotic relation and that we witness increase of support, donations, number of available facilities, and many other forms of assistance and humanity.

"I am grateful to everyone that we show solidarity and unity when it comes to the national interest. The entire state is grateful to health care workers as well as members of the police and security services, sanitation and public utility services, our pilots, flight attendants and airport staff, pharmacy staff, store workers, our armed forces, the Red Cross, volunteers. All of them are directly at risk. We will talk about them and many others when the danger passes," the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister reminded that at a time when the whole of Europe was trembling before the coronavirus epidemic, when almost 800 people died in one day in Italy, when states close the borders Montenegro keeps its borders open and brings thousands of its citizens from vulnerable areas.

"The only obligation of those who arrived is – self-isolation and quarantine. Unfortunately, a number of citizens are trying to avoid and circumvent this obligation and put all of you in jeopardy. That is why we have decided to disclose lists of those who have been prescribed with self-isolation measure, and this has been criticized by part of the civil society. Understanding the reasons for the criticism, we made a conscious decision that our citizens' lives were a priority. We assessed that the right to health and life was above the right to unconditional protection of personal data. We will discuss possible failures when all this is behind us. In order to be able to talk at all, we need to survive, so this is not the time for legal nuances, but for saving lives," the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that he finds the explanation that up to 50 or even 100 patients were expected results and that Montenegro could cope with so many patients to be unacceptable.

"Montenegro has no surplus of human lives, nor surplus of its citizens! Therefore, from now on, there will be no compromise for those who do not obey rules, orders, isolation measures and social distance. I will strengthen the operational services that monitor the situation on the ground; I will give orders to empower them and expand their powers. There will be no forgiveness, no tentativeness - not one percent. I'll try personally to keep it that way. We have no right to contribute to anyone's illness or death! This is the moment when the whole of Montenegro needs to be united for its future and it is enough that you stay at home. May Montenegro be eternal," concluded Prime Minister Duško Marković in his public address on the coronavirus pandemic.