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Cabinet considers measures taken against spread of coronavirus: Health system operates high - quality and timely, No confirmed cases of infection in Montenegro

Cabinet considers measures taken against spread of coronavirus: Health system operates high - quality and timely, No confirmed cases of infection in Montenegro
Published date: 12.03.2020 19:42 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (12 March 2020) -- Montenegro is one of the few countries where there are no registered cases of the coronavirus infection, because the Montenegrin health system responded in a high - quality and timely manner, all measures taken on the recommendations of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases gave excellent results, the media of Montenegro showed seriousness and professionalism, while the spread of disinformation and panic was registered through social networks, it was noted at the 161st Cabinet session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković.

At the session, whose first item on information about measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus was attended by journalists of the public service of Radio and Television of Montenegro, Montenegrin print media and commercial television broadcasters with national coverage, the Prime Minister welcomed representatives of the media assets at the beginning and pointed to the spread of disinformation of the so-called "confidential" sources, stating that information has been circulating these days that the Government will declare a state of emergency at today’s session, because there are those allegedly infected with the coronavirus.

"As you can see - none of this, not even a state of emergency! At the very beginning, I would like to announce that Montenegro is still a rare country in Europe and beyond, where no case of coronavirus has been detected. It gives us a chance to get out of this global danger with minimal consequences," the Prime Minister noted.

He added that, as announced by the Institute for Public Health yesterday, the persons tested so far are negative and that up to this moment, we do not have any persons infected with the coronavirus in Montenegro.

"Reputable citizens, dear colleagues, there is no confidential and exclusive information. This very serious moment, which the whole world is facing, only seeks verified information. And they can only be given by the competent state authorities, by no means individuals or organizations seeking five minutes of fame. The media and all the social factors, who are rightly burdened by this issue, play a special role in shaping information and in general, the public mood and atmosphere. I urge them to help us. The contribution of all of us is also measured by responsibility in the areas, in which we operate – let’s stop propaganda, cut through false news, eliminate root disinformation," the Prime Minister said.

The Prosecution to respond to spread of panic

Prime Minister Duško Marković noted that classical media was equal to the task and that these media and the Government were on a common course, but that the spread of disinformation and panic was recorded primarily through social networks.

"Last night there were actions to bring in people who participated in the disinformation campaign, which caused panic yesterday. And we had an irresponsible or insufficiently measured attitude of the prosecution to these cases. This is an opportunity to call on the prosecution to treat this important issue, in the same manner, as we do for the state, its citizens, especially when it comes to health, the general public interest and the economy, and that means standard and life," the Prime Minister stressed. He added that the Law is clear that causing panic and harassment of citizens is a crime, which has special elements of gravity and responsibility, if it is carried out through the media and the media of communication. 
"So it is necessary to hold a meeting with the State Prosecutor's Office and holders of the judiciary and point out to them that this problem is not only a concern of the Government, executive power and institutions, but of the system and the state as a whole," the Prime Minister stated.

The taken measures have produced results, followed by tightening

Minister of Health Dr. Kenan Hrapović, Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić and Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić briefed the Government on measures taken so far, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our country. The Government has been informed that our country is in constant communication with the World Health Organisation (WHO), that health and sanitary surveillance of passengers in international traffic is carried out, that a plan of operation of the health system in these circumstances is developed, that our country has all the necessary diagnostics, that it is established the system of health surveillance of all passengers in the international traffic, that the border police received instructions for checking and the necessary protective equipment, as well as that wholesalers had previously supplied themselves with sufficient quantities of consumer goods.

"All of the above activities were carried out, to protect the health of the population of Montenegro. The fact that we have not yet imported the virus into Montenegro, gives us the right to say that we have taken the necessary and timely measures. We will strive to keep the level of agility in meeting all our obligations at a high level, until this plague, which has hit the entire world is behind us," Minister Hrapović noted.

Director of the Institute for Public Health prof. Dr. Boban Mugoša has announced a proposal for even tougher measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The measures that will be proposed, said the Director of the Institute for Public Health, are to ban all gatherings, including theater and cinema, shut down schools and colleges for 15 days, close smaller border crossings, ban cruise ships and more.

The key to success: a responsible healthcare system and citizen discipline

Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out, concluding the debate, that a responsible attitude of healthcare professionals combined with discipline of citizens is the key to success.

"The focus should be on unburdening the health system, in a manner that we take all necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus, when it occurs. The healthcare system must address those, who truly need help. For now, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the Institute for Public Health, because only in this way - by a responsible attitude towards oneself and others, the eventual spread of the virus can be restricted. The healthcare system has clearly defined obligations, and there should be no room for omission in this part - I urge all healthcare professionals to comply with ethics and the rules of the profession. Citizens must obey the orders and recommendations of the authorities - health and others - and not allow them to be guilty of transmitting the virus, especially from the outside. All around us are countries that are recording this phenomenon, and citizens and their mobility, are a key risk. An important segment is our self-discipline, the implementation of health and sanitation recommendations, the hygiene regimen and the reduction of daily risky activities. No health care provider can assist citizens, as conscientious people can assist to themselves, their families and society as a whole," Prime Minister Duško Marković noted at the Cabinet session.