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PM Marković: Law on Freedom of Religion must be equal for all and apply to all

PM Marković: Law on Freedom of Religion must be equal for all and apply to all
Published date: 11.03.2020 13:06 | Author: PR Service

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The Government conducts a dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) on the Law on Freedom of Religion, on issues that the church indicates as problematic, not on whether we will apply the Law, Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.

"Dialogue is not conducted, to provide someone with a privileged status in the legal system. The law must apply to all, be equal for all. This is not my position or position of this Government, it is a Constitutional determination," the Prime Minister stressed, answering journalists’ questions following the motorway conference. 

The Prime Minister added that the Serbian Orthodox Church and its dioceses in Montenegro have been outlawed so far, and that there are multiple reasons for this. Therefore, there is no wonder why they defend their position so hard.

"But in parallel with the dialogue, the Law must be applied to everyone, and it is good that we are on the path of applying the law and respecting the law, even when it comes to the SPC. Just for the 62 officials, who were reported subsequently to the Tax Administration these days, as a result of institutional control, owe the state i.e. exchequer more than EUR two million in taxes and contributions," Prime Minister Marković noted.

Responding to journalists' questions about the legitimacy of the upcoming Tivat local elections, given the announcement of some opposition parties that they would not vote, Prime Minister Marković said that there would be elections in Tivat and that they would be democratic.

"There are all conditions for them to come in a lawful manner and to voice real and genuine will of the citizens of Tivat. Today, Tivat is a place to live well, with the highest standard in Montenegro, a place recognised on the tourist and investment map of the world. Therefore, citizens can comfortably and without burden vote and decide who will continue to lead Tivat, through the development as it has done so far," the Prime Minister stressed.

He added that he thinks, part of the opposition will take part in those election, as well as there is information that dissatisfaction with such a reaction of the opposition, will direct the citizens of Tivat towards creating some kind of a civic list.