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PM Marković: Situation is highly serious, if virus is detected, public gatherings will be banned

PM Marković: Situation is highly serious, if virus is detected, public gatherings will be banned
Published date: 11.03.2020 12:13 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 March 2020) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković assessed situation as highly serious, but fortunately, no cases of the coronavirus (COVID - 19) have been detected in Montenegro. If the coronavirus appears in Montenegro, he added, public gatherings will be banned. 

"We hope it will remain so. I am afraid there is a slight chance, because this contagion is approaching our borders," Prime Minister Markovic told reporters following the motorway conference. 

He pointed to the serious situation in the region, the fact that the whole of Italy is quarantined and that new cases have been registered in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania.

Prime Minister Marković noted that he held a meeting with a relevant services yesterday, where new measures were notified to the public - measures of travel ban to the countries that are heavily affected by the virus, as well as other measures of recommendations and warnings. He called on the citizens to take the situation seriously, to avoid handling and hugging, to keep an eye on it, and to keep everyone together from this danger.

"We will prohibit official trips of the state administration outside the country, except in exceptional cases when justified state interests demand it, and influence the change of habits and behaviour of citizens in this situation. The situation is serious, I am worried, we are in continuously in touch with the national team formed on this issue and we will try to do our best to protect our country and our citizens," Prime Minister Marković noted.

Asked by reporters whether it was sufficient to rely on recommendations for citizens to avoid public gatherings, the Prime Minister said that public gatherings at sporting events were already banned. He also said that he would cancel his official trips and other events, which envisage a large number of participants.

"Where we have direct influence, we will strive to reduce public gatherings, avoid such activities, suggest and warn citizens to change their behaviour and take care of them. If a virus occurs in Montenegro, we will ban all public gatherings and evaluate what level and character it will be - whether it will apply to schools and some other functions in the country. We hope it will not happen," the Prime Minister stated.

He also pointed to the risk of a coronavirus, was not only a threat to public health, although it was the most important, but also to the whole economy, standard and quality of life. The Government and medical authorities will do anything they can to prevent Montenegro from being affected by the coronary virus, and if it is affected, to be affected the least.