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PM Marković talks to UCG management: Government and University share stances on Montenegro’s affirmation as civic state of European values

PM Marković talks to UCG management: Government and University share stances on Montenegro’s affirmation as civic state of European values
Published date: 10.03.2020 17:03 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (10 March 2020) -- The Government and the State University, as the leading scientific institution in the country, share stances on further affirmation of Montenegro as a state based on the postulates of civic society of European values and a state whose near future is certain in the European Union, it was concluded at the meeting between Prime Minister Duško Marković and the management of the University of Montenegro (UCG), headed by Chancellor Prof. Danilo Nikolić

In a dialogue conducted within the Alliance for Europe, the Prime Minister pointed to the lack of knowledge as an important reason for the backwardness of the countries of our region, in relation to the leading countries of the European Union. Therefore, he highlighted that education, especially higher has a special role and importance in our further process of European integration and successful continuation of social reforms.

"There is no dilemma that Montenegro needs a strong State University," Prime Minister Duško Marković noted. 

Chancellor Nikolić stated that the University of Montenegro, as the largest institution of higher education in terms of scientific capacity and number of students, aims at everything that is doing just to further accelerate the process of our integration into the European Union. 

The University management informed the Prime Minister about so far results and achievements of the UCG Development Strategy 2019-2024, such as the significant advancement of the University's position in the database of scientific citations, ranking of the University and international cooperation, as well as revenues from project activities.

The Prime Minister voiced his support for further plans of the management of the UCG to continue improving the positioning of the Montenegrin State University and in particular raising the criteria.

"It is obvious that the University has focused on the result and the challenges you have in your day-to-day activities, as well as the strategic development aspect. When looking at the facts, it is clear that progress is indisputable and that it is higher than expected," Prime Minister Duško Marković noted.

On behalf of the Government, the meeting was attended by Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović and Chief Negotiator of Montenegro with the European Union Aleksandar Drljević and on behalf of the University, by President of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Duško Bjelica, Vice-Chancellors Prof. Dr. Đurđica Perović, Prof. Dr. Irena Orović, Prof. Dr. Nataša Kostić and Prof. Dr. Boris Vukićević