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PM Marković: Today there is no serious economic or financial institution that does not respect what Montenegro has done

PM Marković: Today there is no serious economic or financial institution that does not respect what Montenegro has done
Published date: 30.10.2019 16:20 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (30 October 2019) -- Prime Minister Dusko Marković noted that no one can deny the growth of the economy in two years by an average of 4.9%, 5.1% in 2018, a decrease in the tax debt by EUR 190 million, a reduction in the employment rate by 8% and that for the third year in a row, current spending is financed from source revenues, not from debt.

"Is it the heresy of this Government that we created 30,000 new jobs," the Prime Minister said when asked by Rasko Konjevic, MP from the Social Democratic Party.

The Prime Minister reminded him that when he left the Government the unemployment rate was 22.8%, and today it is 14.3%.

"What are you not talking about, Mr Konjević? I understand that you have time to read my inauguration speech, I understand you read strategic documents and laws, but trust me, when you get away from texts and laws, miracles happen in real economic life. It is labyrinth of challenges and impacts. That is where you need to manage. When you step out of that administrative position and get down to the real terrain of the economic life of the challenges it produces, then you will understand me better, and you will not quote me, but we will work together to make everyone live better, said the Prime Minister, answering the question by Raško Konjević, MP.

Stressing that this Government will not be implementing populist measures but increase the standard and salaries in line with the new value created through economic activity, he called on Mr Konjevic to join forces, regardless of political differences, to create all the preconditions for economic growth, job creation and  salary increase. 

Recalling that today there is no international and domestic serious institution in financial and economic terms that does not respect what Montenegro has done lately, he called on Mr Konjević to create together, regardless of political differences, conditions for economic growth, job creation and salary increase, 

"I told you that we would not implement populist measures, I told you that we were not following populism, that we would increase the standard and wages in line with the new value we would create through economic activity," Prime Minister Markovic said.

Commenting on the allegations from Konjević's question about the negotiation process with the European Union, the Prime Minister stressed that it is not the Government itself that conducts the negotiation process, but negotiations are the obligations of the entire society, with Parliament having a decisive role in it.

"I understand that you are not ambitious and I respect that, you are not referring to your ambition because as an MP you have made very little or no contribution through the Parliament to speed up the EU accession process. Instead, by boycotting the Parliament or by supporting the boycott, you would contribute to slowing down European integration through Parliament, and that Parliament's functionality through political criteria should always be evaluated negatively in Brussels."

The Prime Minister also commented on the allegations that earnings of public sector employees are not taken into serious consideration, noting that he did not recall that Mr Konjević, at the time he served as the interior minister and then the minister of finance, raised the issue of salary increase.

"I do not remember that there was any legislative initiative towards reducing VAT, reducing the tax burden on labour, or other financial and monetary measures that should improve our economic environment and create better conditions for the growth of our economy and a better standard," Prime Minister Duško Marković pointed out.