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PM Marković in interview with TV Vijesti: Electoral laws are not problem in Montenegro, but bad political practice

PM Marković in interview with TV Vijesti: Electoral laws are not problem in Montenegro, but bad political practice
Published date: 02.01.2018 23:27 | Author: PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković said in an interview with TV Vijesti that Montenegro has managed to pass good electoral laws, that the electoral legislation is excellent, that most international recommendations have been adopted, and that the problem lies in political practice.

I do not believe that there is a poor electoral legislation in Montenegro, but a problem of bad political practice that is promoted by political parties in the run up to the elections and on election day , Prime Minister Marković said, adding that in recent elections in Cetinje there was a complete leadership structure of several opposition parties.

He said that it was not nautural, that it was a pressure on the citizens.

Even if they did not say anything, it was a pressure on the citizens. We need to change political practice, we need to change political culture. On the election day, we should leave the possibility for citizens to decide on their own, PM Marković stated.

The biggest challenge in 2018 is creation of new jobs

The Prime Minister said that the past year was successful on the economic and foreign policy plan, adding that he considers unsuccessful the fact that the Government failed to persuade the opposition to engage in a dialogue, and that the biggest challenge in 2018 is the creation of jobs.

This was a successful year because we stopped some negative trends, especially when it comes to our public finances, we triggered economic growth and in this way we created opportunities for new jobs. On the foreign policy plan, NATO membership is a historic moment for Montenegro and Montenegro will feel the benefits from this new position on the international plan, PM Marković said.

The Prime Minister said that at the beginning of his term, he called on everyone on the political scene to be more responsible and mature in relation to what the needs of the society were, asking for a dialogue in order to work together in the interests of the society.

Unfortunately, my call, and I would say the entire approach of the Government in 2017, did not come to an understanding or an echo, and Montenegro was characterized by a downturn in the culture of political dialogue and some general communication that we need for everything. So, I consider this to be a failure of my own and the government I lead, the Prime Minister said.

When asked about the biggest challenge in the next year, Prime Minister Duško Marković said that it is dealing with the biggest and most serious problem in Montenegro – reducing unemployment, i.e. opening new jobs.

PR ServiceThe seats in the Government were reserved for opposition

Asked whether he thinks that the opposition was offered enough, the Prime Minister responded positively, adding that he clearly indicated the need for the opposition to return to the Parliament and that the opposition even had reserved seats in the Government.

My call was never a political marketing or a political PR. I have repeatedly said that I am ready to offer seats for those political parties from the opposition who want to enter the government. Smaller coalition partners were ready to give up their seats in order to offer them to the opposition, but the other side had a truly irrational, incomprehensible approach that meant repeating elections, which could not be discussed because the elections were held and recognised. Elections were not only recognised by Montenegro and its institutions but by the whole international community. Meeting such a request would mean the annulment of the standards and procedures of political democracy and political principles. We were not afraid of those elections, but once you make a precedent in that sense, it would be used for political instability and elections would make no sense. So, we did everything, I had the best intent, I had support of my party for that, but we did not have an answer of the other side, PM Marković said.

The Government did not contribute to the situation in RTCG

Asked to comment on the situation and the connection with the Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG), Prime Minister Marković said that he did not address the details of the process in the Assembly and that the Government did not interfere in that.

He said that the Government did not contribute to problems in the media. On the contrary! At the same time, I want to make it quite clear that the media scene in Montenegro is not good, that it lacks objectivity and professionalism, the Prime Minister said, announcing 2018 amendments to media laws in this regard.

Prime Minister Marković said that there is no pressure from the Government on the RTCG.