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PM Marković on Radio Montenegro: We have achieved great results in 11 years

PM Marković on Radio Montenegro: We have achieved great results in 11 years
Published date: 23.05.2017 13:00 | Author: PR Service

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Podogirca, Montenegro (23 May 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the beginning of an interview at Radio Montenegro that in the first 11 years of independence Montenegro achieved three major goals and results: membership in NATO, successful process of integration into the EU and start of construction of the motorway Bar-Boljare.

The Prime Minister said that membership in NATO is important from political, security, civil and economic point of view, that Montenegro opened 26 chapters and closed 2 chapters in the process of European integration, and that is expected to open two more chapters in June, while the motorway project will not only contribute to the development but it will completely change Montenegro.

When it comes to the international position of Montenegro, the Prime Minister reminded that this generation of politicians succeeded in returning the pride, dignity and inalienable right to Montenegro to decide on its own destiny, stressing positive impressions from intense diplomatic activities in the process of Euro-Atlantic and European integration and rated: "Our position is now very strong and Montenegro is seen as a country that has the potential and can contribute to the strengthening of the value of the free world. Today, it is expected from Montenegro to solve the problemmes... for that reason, Montenegro today is often called upon to give its advice and opinion on how critical situations can be solved."

Commenting on relations with the Russian Federation, which he said were at a very low level, whose negative trend followed the acceleration and finalisation of the NATO accession process, PM Marković stressed that it is not in Montenegro's interest to be politically distant from Russia. Recalling the patient attitude of Montenegro towards the official positions of the Russian Federation regarding Montenegro's commitment to NATO membership and interference with its political system and processes, the Prime Minister stressed: "We believe the time will come to talk about our relation in another atmosphere and other ambience. Our goal is to come to this moment, we will not do anything to worsen relations, but - I would like to say this time as I have said more than once: no one can dictate Montenegro's path anymore. That is our sovereign right, we have chosen it. Russia needs to understand that... we will be patient and wait that Russia accepts the real state and we are ready for that dialogue."

When it comes to opposition he stressed that the elections cannot and will not be repeated nor discussed. He said that opposition must return to the Parliament if it wants to talk about new elections.

The Prime Minister also spoke about economic topics and reminded that the Government has been vigorously and decisively handling high deficit and high public debt, adopting the Financial Consolidation Plan, which after five months showed as good and sustainable, it did not endanger living standards but provided budget stability, adding that the Government plans to adopt fiscal strategy in June in order to eliminate budget deficit by the end of 2019.

PM Marković also spoke about Government's intentions to ensure development and better living standard in the next three years. He expressed his expectations of the growth of foreign direct investment, the development of northern Montenegro, the opening of new factories and new jobs.

"These are three great results achieved in the first 11 years of independence," the Prime Minister said, adding that the following few weeks will be historic in every sense bearing in mind Montenegro is joining NATO.