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PM Marković on occasion of Government's 100 days: We responded to challenges in proper and adequate manner

PM Marković on occasion of Government
Published date: 08.03.2017 00:32 | Author: PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (7 March 2017) – On the occasion of Government's 100 days Prime Minister Duško Marković guested tonight on the show "Živa istina", which was aired on Prva TV and Radio Antena M. The Prime Minister said that the Government in the first 100 days did not have a chance to act in the circumstances of the usual fair play, but from the first day – dealing with complex issues that need to provide political, economic and financial stability – it worked devotedly and accordingly to electoral promises on its commitments.


PM Marković said that the Government has acted in complex internal and external circumstances since the beginning.

"This is the environment in which we started term and I believe we have responded to all these challenges in these hundred days in a proper way. Not entirely, but in a proper and adequate manner," Prime Minister Marković said.


The Prime Minister thanked political leaders and ministers from the ruling coalition parties on a strong contribution to the Government's work.

Talking about the circumstances in which the Government has started to work, the Prime Minister emphasised the need for fiscal consolidation. He said that the first results indicate that this was a good and credible plan that has already given results.


Motorway and investment

When asked about the construction of the motorway and the investment, Prime Minister Marković said that the work should be accelerated and certain steps have been already taken, as well as that he is ready to continue to be personally involved in this plan. The Prime Minister mentioned other investments; especially Portonovi and Porto Montenegro, saying that the information about the new jobs that will be opened in these resources show that the Government's measures have not stopped the development.


The Prime Minister said that Montenegro's European agenda has been realised very dynamically.

"In December we opened two chapters and I believe that until mid-year we will open two more and possibly close another chapter," – the Prime Minister said.

Membership in NATO

Speaking of Montenegrin Euro-Atlantic integration, the Prime Minister said that both NATO and Montenegro expect that Montenegro will become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance by mid-May.

"The unanimous opinion is that Montenegro is ready for membership and that this is the moment when it needs to be confirmed by finalising process at the NATO Summit in Brussels on 25 May," PM Marković said, explaining that Montenegrin Parliament may adopt a decision on membership before 28 member states ratify the Accession Protocol.

"There are no rules or regulations which define that Montenegro should wait ratification by every member state," the Prime Minister added.

Asked whether he expects that this act of decision-making in Parliament could be linked with the additional security risks, the Prime Minister said that he was sure it would be the reason that anti-NATO forces demonstrate their political disposition, adding that it could be undemocratic and accompanied by some security risks.

"We will certainly not allow this type of behavior. This is constitutional right of the Parliament and the right of the Montenegro's majority. For the last five years we were having a dialogue about this issue and it is not a hidden plan nor the ad hoc situation and politics. It is about our continuing commitment after the restoration of independence and we will not give the opportunity to anyone to jeopardise the finalisation of this process," PM Marković said, noting that the completion of the ratification procedure of the Accession Protocol is expected soon by the remaining three NATO members.

"The United States started the ratification and as I understood it, just one more appointment to President Trump's Cabinet is on the agenda before the vote on Montenegro's accession. Spain also began the procedure and it is expected to be completed soon. The procedure in the Netherlands takes slightly longer but it is a matter of their internal processes and is not related to Montenegro, " the Prime Minister noted and added that membership in NATO is democratic and civilisation commitment, and that the opponents of Montenegro's integration are ready for every kind of destruction.

"Destruction of the country, political system and endangerment of democracy. This danger has been also recognised by other member states of the European Union and NATO," the Prime Minister said.

"As a Balkan country we want to be part of European and Euro-Atlantic family, developing at the same time good relations with neighbours and working on stability of the region and cooperation within the region and to provide to the Balkans – as we have to Montenegro – European and Euro-Atlnatic perspective," Prime Minister Marković stated.

"When Montenegro becomes a member of NATO, I believe that Russia will take into account the new circumstances and begin a dialogue with Montenegrin government about restoring our relationship to the previous level," PM Marković said and noted that Government's pro-NATO stance is not aimed against Russia, adding that Montenegro has right to choose its own path and it will defend this decision democratically.

The call to opposition

Responding to questions about the political situation in Montenegro and the offer to the opposition to join the government, Prime Minister Marković said that he suggested that opposition should return to the Parliament and added that it should allow higher level of political consensus and cohesion in Montenegro, which is the main reason for such an offer.


"This call is primarily directed towards the parties of European and Euro-Atlantic orientation," the Prime Minister said, indicating that the call applies to URA,SDP, Demos, SNP and Democrats.

"This offer does not apply to the Democratic Front. Democratic Front is a group leading anti-state policy. It aims to destabilise Montenegro, it aims to stop Montenegro on its European and Euro-Atlantic path, and it aims to come to power neglecting democratic rules and procedures, not recognising the institutions, compromising institutions and trying to come to power without elections or only where they think they can win," the Prime Minister said.

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